Ancient Fossilized Insects Preserved in Amber


Amber happens to be one of the unique kinds of gemstone. But what makes it so very unique and outstanding? It is the presence of the fossilized content that makes a difference. In no other variety of stone, you will come across this fossilized element. The fact that the gemstone immortalizes a plant or an insect material inside it truly makes it unusual and interesting. The stone serves as a cryogenic platform to the body of the insect or that of the plant, helping it to retain the remains in its fossilized form.


An expensive proposition

Sometimes back in the past, possessing amber with insects happened to be a prized catch. That’s because only the aristocratic people or those hailing from the nobility could afford to pay. The commoners could not afford the price as it was beyond their reach. There has not been a shift in the paradigm. Even today, ambers with fossilized content are highly prized. They come at a higher cost than those without fossilized remains.

It is affordable now

However, owing to the presence of the online dealers, commoners still can think of accessing the fossilized version of amber stones. If you look forward to getting an exciting and affordable deal on amber with insects; then contact with the Up here, you will get quality-tested products, at a pocket-friendly price.

The process of origin

In this context, you will like to note the origin of this particular variety of fossilized resin. In fact, amber of this kind is as good as a fossilized piece of resin. Tree trunks produce resins which are found dripping off. Now moths, insects or some other plant remains may suddenly fall into the substance (resin) and get fossilized in the process. Eventually, the process of fossilization would lead to the production of ambers. Hence, it is not difficult to understand why ambers are also described as fossilized resins.


Aid to researchers

It is worth noting that such ambers which have fossilized remains not only contribute to the process of jewelry making but also serve as aids of learning. They serve as an interesting source of enlightenment to researchers, historians, zoologists, paleontologists, and botanists. Researchers in the different fields of study can study the gemstone and find out what all factors have contributed to the process of fossilization, as a result of which the organic matter has undergone preservation, without dying or decaying.

A source of therapy

It is also a fact that in the past such fossilized stone was used for serving therapeutic purposes. Such a belief has not died out. Instead, it has sustained and thrived with the passage of time. Even nowadays, people are keen on using amber particularly those with fossilized remain for the purpose of healing aches, ailments, and pain. The energy that the stone acquires from the presence of the living product, ultimately aids the healing process. As a result, the user may find relief for minor illnesses including throat pains, and headaches. Then, there are reasons to believe in the energizing property of amber made necklaces. Here again, the presence of the living force makes a difference, and the wearer can feel more charged up and activated, than before.

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Get Unique Amber Jewelry and Beads at Wholesale Prices


You may have heard a great deal about the healing property of Amber, whose charm revolves on the presence of the organic element. Indeed, the gemstone doesn’t have mineral provenance, but despite the absence of the mineral backup, it is the presence of the fossilized matter that has gone a long way towards boosting the value and versatility of this piece of the gemstone. The beads accentuate your personal flair. You look cool, sleek and sophisticated. They are easy to use and maintain. On account of these factors, more and more people, across the world are showing unwavering enthusiasm for amber beads, and jewelry made out of these.


Plenty of options

The goal of online dealers is to keep up with the high demand factor. In view of this, the online dealers and showrooms are putting out the Amber wholesale offers. The styling is diverse, and the price is pocket-friendly. Besides buying the readymade jewelry pieces, you can also invest in beads that have different sizes, shapes and color variations to offer. With the beads, thus purchased, you can embark on a DIY jewelry making project. If you are a bit creative, then, you can use wire mesh, beading strings, and a needle to put the beads together and come up with an exotic piece of craft.

Everlasting pieces of unique value

If you invest in original amber stones, then, you can treasure the pieces for a lifetime. The beads or the jewelry made of those can go down as an heirloom. Even if you are not using the beads, then those can be used by your succeeding generations. Such is the timelessness of this particular gemstone.  You may choose the butterscotch beads that come in the shape of cylinders or opt for a lotus drop amber bracelet. The decision, of course, is yours. But either of your selection will be cherished through generations to come.

Make a quality purchase

However, it is important that you get hold of an authentic source that facilitates the sale and purchase of quality-assured beads and jewelry. In this context, it is worth noting that facilitates amber wholesale online. It happens to be a trusted name. You can vouch for the authenticity of each and every bead that is sold. If you have been looking for the luminescent blue variety which is difficult to find, then, you can fall back on the online facilitator for help and guidance.


Provides advice to customers

Choosing the right type is as important as getting the value for money. But as far as both these aspects are concerned, you may not know how to go about the process. But since the online facility is there to provide you with expert advice, as well; you have a precious little to worry. Before purchasing, or during placing an order, you may have doubts, confusions, and queries. In that case, you can take the help of the team of specialists.

The objective of the team is to guide you through the process of selection. It also seeks to clarify all your doubts, questions and queries. For instance, you come to know while interacting with the team how and why it is harmful to use stones which have an excess amount of chemicals. You also get to learn how to identify stones which have harmful chemicals.

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The Six Most Incredible Fossils Preserved In Amber


When talking about Amber stone, the primary definition of what it is makes it clear about what it can have. There is this constant specific curiosity about knowing what this entire amber stone is all about. This stone is preliminary a resin fossil from a coniferous tree. Therefore, if you have an original amber stone, you will get to see the variant imprints of animals. These animals may have just stamped the gum when they yet got fossilized. Thus, all Amber Fossil have such stamps. On this contrary, apart from the stamps, there were few ancient animals that were found in these stones.

There are several such discoveries that have helped them to known about the different perspectives. It is also an innovation for the scientist who researches on the different ancient animals. More importantly, there is this resemblance about the evolution of the species that were stuck in amber. The amber fossil from DR Fine Jewels resembles most of the imprints of these ancient animals.


Six Incredibility

Six most incredible fossils that were found in the amber stone are:

  • Caribbean Lizard: An ancient lizard was found trapped in this fossil. Researchers have claimed that this was probably the species that existed fifteen to twenty million years ago. The fossil had actually been preserved for study. It has shown designated difference in the climate change and the change in the species over the years.
  • Meat eating plants: These plants were precisely called the large pieces. There is this definite perspective to look at the fact about the features of the species. It has been seen that the plants had tentacles. The Baltic amber found most of these species getting trapped to it. These species of plants were preserved for the similar study.
  • 100 million year old ants: These are one of the exceptional collections among the six most incredible species that were found in the amber. These were species of around 600 BC. These too have been one of the collections that have ha sincere researches. The ant’s species got a lot more improvised results after this particular specification.


  • Dinosaur Feathers: The right perspective of the fact was something that will help you in having the right knowledge of the fact. There is this complete evidence about how famous these resins were to the dinosaurs. The researchers have claimed that the feather fossils have helped a lot in the study of this species. There were resemblances of variant species of the dinosaurs.
  • Stinging Spiders: There were ancient spiders found and most importantly, they show the emergence of the present species. These fossil spiders were found with sixty eggs. It is therefore an important version of the fact that will help them to show about the different species. It caters to the different knowledge about the spiders.
  • The ancient spider web: This has been one of the innovative discoveries. One of the fine webs is looking for the relevant web series. There is this definite perspective to identify the right type of web. It is to be noted that when you have an eminent discovery like this, it is always enticing to know more.

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What to Consider When Buying Dominican Blue Amber – A Few Hints


Looking through the several collections of jewelry across the world, women seem to have a particular attraction towards this definite Dominican blue amber. There is a specific constructive factor that attracts them to this blue stone. The immense radiance that it portrays helps the stones to be popular. No matter what the occasion is, adorning oneself with a radiant piece of jewelry will help you to get catered with all the definite perspective. This definite blue amber takes the beauty to a level which cannot be redeemed.


Finding the right blue amber

However, when you have decided to buy the amber, some definite aspects can help you to choose the right piece of jewelry. The Dominican blue amber from DR Fine Jewels is the richest amber stone that is available for enhancing your graceful look.It is mandatory to consider few aspects before they are concerned with the specific factors. It is evident to look at the various aspects before you make the final buy.

  • The appearance: There are different colored amber stone. However, the most vivacious color is this blue color. The primary concern of the fact is to ensure the appearance of this stone. The natural blue amber has this definite resemblance of fossilized resin and animals imprints. In fact, these small fissures like carving and the animal traces are not artificial. The exotic appearance is what that will resemble its originality. It is, therefore, important to understand that look through these factors when you decide to buy one of these replicas of raw adornment.
  • Know the origin: When you visit any authenticate place to buy this stone, make sure to be ascertained about these aspects. The blue amber is the original color of this stone. They are found in the Dominican Republic and thereby its name. However, some of the extracts are also found on the beaches of United Kingdom. Thus, ask the seller about its origin. It is definite and more precise about the several perspectives that will lead you to have a definite purchase.


  • Examining through tricks: If you want to explore whether your dealer is providing you with the right Dominican blue amber, you can perform certain tricks. A Blue Amber is affected by the use of the spray. The texture seems to have a difference. Thus, the right Amber stone dealer will always refuse to act this process as that will hamper the quality. The next trick can be to question the dealer about washing the stone in boiling water. On listening so, the right dealer will always prevent you from doing so.
  • Shades and colors: It is almost negligible to look for the right color of the stone. It is imperative to understand that when you look through the several factors, there is this need when you look through the several factors. There is this need to understand that the blue color always varies in tinge. However, the only aspect that can be well understood is the transparency. The amber stone is always transparent, and whatever tinges it has, it will retain the transparency.

With all these perspectives you can have the right knowledge of understanding which category amber stone you are getting for your adornment.

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The Natural Beauty of Larimar Stone- The Best Things to Know


The best thing about the natural product is the durability they have. The distinct feature about natural ingredients is about the originality it has. The primary concern is to get assured that whether these natural ingredients are original or not. The Larimar stone is one such natural gemstone that has its radiance even when they are in their natural forms. A large number of population prefers to buy these natural jewelries. The jewelries made from these stones are gracefully beautiful and are also different from the normal jewelries you possess.


Some unknown facts

There are few factors that you may not know about these stones. These are as follows:

  • Rare gem: This particular stone is rare and also makes it a unique possession in your jewelry box. The stone is found only in a square kilometer area. Within the dense rainforest, Larimar is found in the mountainous provinces of Dominican Republic. The stones were such rare that it is only in the recent times that the world came to know about its existence.
  • Only 10% of the gem becomes jewelry: Among all the different precious gems that are found by mining, may have some consistent percentage of availability. But, only 10% of the stone is found as Larimar. Among this 10%, only 3% is used for the fine jewelry making. Thus, if you possess one of these jewelry sets, it is evident you possess something unique.
  • An access to divinity: It has been stated that this particular gemstone can somehow place a connection to God. This crystal stone is likely to address a vibration that fetches you to have a divine connection. The energy given by the vibration helps you to feel a connection straight with the divine lord.


  • A gasp of positivity: When you feel distressed, all may suggest you to do things that you love. However, wearing a piece of Larimar jewelry, can lead you to have the right sense of positivism. It removes all the negativity of your life and helps you to choose the right path of life.
  • A highly spiritual stone: Not known by many, that it is efficiently a definite spiritual stone. There is an importance that strikes in your attitude after you wear them. However, they may not have that revealed proof, it is necessary to look out through the several perspectives. It provides with a spiritual assistance. More importantly, it builds a belief on you about yourself.
  • Enhances the power of healing: A sense of healing power is essentially required. This helps in rebuilding your contempt. This Larimar stone from DR Fine Jewelry helps in creating a healing power. There is this compulsory healing note which helps you wisely.

With all these unknown facts, you have had worn a Larimar jewelry. Thus, after knowing all these interesting facts, it can be all the more interesting to wear this particular jewelry after knowing the beneficiaries. The hard work that the miners give in finding the stone makes it expensive. However, it is affordable to adorn yourself with one such jewelry.

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How to Have Fantastic Blue Amber with Minimal Spending


Believing to get adorned with the most graceful ornaments is what most women dream of. The luxurious embellishment on the precious metals increases the beautification of a common woman. The world believes in adorning women with the costliest meals. The metals are polished and given a different shape to ornament women. The Blue amber is a similar kind of stone that is used to decorate the different necklaces, rings, and earrings. The stones are placed in the different shapes and finally brought to the market for sale. These stones are comparatively costly than the other stone jewelry. The primary reason for its higher price is the unavailability of the stone and the difficulty in bringing the stones to shape without breakage.


Opting for Black Friday sale

However, there are ways how you can get these precious stones slightly at a lower cost. You need to avail certain facilities provided to you. Quite beneficially it is the discounts on the several occasions. The amber stone has a definite discount on Black Friday. The sales are lucrative and have several offers helping you to get sorted with your favorite piece of jewelry. This is probably the best time of the year when people wait to buy the favorite stone.

Buying the stone separately

If you have had an opportunity to visit the Dominican Republic or the beaches of UK, you can get hold of this stone at quite a cheap rate. They also have this permanent occasion of working the specific field and also the definite criterion to get sorted with the definite factors. The stone originally originates from here and quite evidently, you will be getting the best quality from here at a reasonable price. After having the raw stone, you can definitely give them your shape or just wear them placing them on a pendant.


Opting for coupon codes

On variant occasions, there are several discount coupons on jewelry available as gifts. Take the advantage of these coupons when you decide to buy one blue amber jewelry from DR Fine Jewels. The percentage of discount will make the cost price go lower. All jewelry shops accept these coded, with the relevant terms and conditions. Thus, it is an opportunity for you to get your adorning blue shade within a particular range. However, make sure to get the clarification on the deals to avoid hassle during the payment. There are some coupons that can be accepted partially while there are some that can be accepted completely.

Avail sale from the right shop

It is very important to understand the benefits of getting the right stone. It is always suggested to get the stone jewelry from the eminent shops. Availing coupons or direct discounts on making is more viable than the direct discounts on the stones. Thus, it is imperative to understand the aspect of maintaining the stone quality. Discounts on the stones directly can sometimes harm its quality. Thus, it is imperative to go for the different discounts on making charges or on the total billing. This is considered to be the right decision when you want the stone at a reasonable rate.

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Buy Authentic Larimar Jewelry and Stones in the Dominican Republic


You might wish to be that perfect companion who continually strives hard to please his ladylove. There’s no denying the fact that stunning jewels are a woman’s best friend. If you want to see a sparkling smile on her face, none other than an exquisite piece of jewelry can make that happen. So, be the romantic hero and prepare to sweep her off the feet!

It’s here that the real game begins. You might have an eye for awe-inspiring designs and creativity. However, when it comes to choosing jewelry for your special someone, you will surely be in confusion.


With the emergence of stunning, gorgeous, and unconventionally beautiful Larimar stones, you will have the opportunity to ditch the traditional options in style. An exotic Larimar stone jewelry can make your partner look like a Fashion Goddess, and nothing can be better than that, right?

Plan your purchase with authentic suppliers of Larimar stone like DR Fine Jewels, as they are the leading sellers in the Dominican Republic.

Knowing about Larimar

Leading and Reputed Larimar sellers will always come up with high-quality and genuine stones. However, before planning your purchase, it will be imperative to know about this precious rock. Also famous as “Stefanie’s Stone” or “Dominican Turquoise,” Larimar ranks amongst the most popular precious rocks.

Dominican Republic is the perfect destination to find this stone, and you can discover it in the islands of Barahona.

Buying authentic Larimar

With its origin in the Dominican Republic, Larimar happens to be one of the most beautiful precious rocks. While planning to buy Larimar, you will surely come across several buying options. Some of the genuine sellers even sell Larimar online. You can find your stone from their inventory and gift it to your beloved partner! Here’s what you need to know while buying authentic Larimar jewelry and stones.


  1. Shopping tips

Larimar is available in some of the leading outlets in Dominican Republic. If you are planning to buy this precious stone from the Dominican, make sure you build associations with the leading stores. The top stores in the Dominican Republic will have a diverse collection of Larimar jewelry and stones. You can choose the simple options or even purchase Larimar jewelry embedded in silver or other metals.

It’s here that highly reputed sellers like DR Fine Jewels offer authentic and genuine Larimar stone pieces. With a responsive online portal, customers will have the opportunity to buy Larimar online.

  1. Checking out your partner’s style

Before planning to buy Larimar for your partner, make sure you know her fashion statement and style. The jewelry should complement her wardrobe and outfits. Once you know about her specific tastes and preferences, it will be quite easy to purchase Larimar.

  1. Refer to pros

Even if you know a lot about this remarkable precious rock, it’s better to refer to pros while buying Larimar. Experts will not only help you choose the right product, but also offer the perfect buying tips. You will get the desired piece of jewelry and stun your beloved companion.

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10 Reasons to Love Jewelry Made From Dominican Blue Amber Beads


Found in the scenic and exotic locations of the Dominican Republic, the quintessential classic blue amber stone is a breed apart. While the Baltic varieties of this precious stone have a spectacular glow, the Dominican variety is popular for its outstanding appeal.

In spite of the presence of Baltic amber stones, the Dominican blue amber beads have successfully carved a distinctive niche for itself. With the ever-increasing popularity of amber stones and beads, jewelry makers and designers are waiting to explore the Dominican blue variety.

On the other end, jewelry lovers are developing a liking for the classic blue amber. If you wish to adorn yourself with an excellent amber jewelry set, the blue-colored Dominican variety will turn out to be the best option. With the following reasons in mind, you will surely wish to buy high-quality Dominican blue amber beads from top sellers like DR Fine Jewels.


Here’s why you need to choose them!

Tracking the reasons

The origin and source of this particular blue amber date back to almost 30 to 40 million years. As a refined, unique, and spectacular version of classic amber, the Dominican version enjoys unmatched popularity amongst jewelry makers too. The following reasons will help you make a choice.

  1. Texture

Compared to the Baltic variety, the Dominican blue amber is softer and smoother. Blue amber beads record 1.5 to 2 on Moh’s scale.

  1. Transparency

When it comes to transparency, the Dominican version outperforms the Baltic variety. It is almost 90% more transparent compared to its Baltic counterpart.

  1. Clarity

Blue amber beads have a see-through appearance which enhances the stone’s clarity. It’s a rare and exquisite feature that makes blue amber jewelry even more desirable.

  1. Design innovations

Blue Amber is a designer’s treat. Highly proficient jewelry makers love to work on it, as blue amber offers ample opportunities to translate design ideas into reality. Jewelry lovers will find jewelry made of custom-designed amber beads.


  1. Diverse shades of blue

Dominican amber beads don’t exhibit a standard blue color. Rather, the stunning blue shade can change according to lighting conditions, thus imparting an exotic appearance to your jewelry piece. You will get stunning shades such as light blue, aqua blue, and ultra-blue.

  1. Insect occurrence

The presence of insect or animal remains in the amber jewelry can transform its appearance to a great extent. In the Dominican variety, the presence of these insects is quite higher than the Baltic ones. Quite naturally, insect remains will make your amber look even more special.

  1. Right options for every occasion

Whether it’s a formal gathering or friendly parties, blue amber jewelry will complement every occasion and outfit.

  1. Availability

When it comes to buying authentic amber jewelry, you will have a wide range of purchase options including the online stores. You can either get the beads or purchase complete sets.

  1. Style and appeal

Blue, amber beads jewelry imparts an outstanding appeal to your apparels. By wearing a pretty amber necklace or earring, you will look nothing short of a fashionista.

  1. Classy fashion

Dominican amber beads represent classy fashion like never before! Whether it’s an ethnic or fusion dress, blue amber beads will help you create distinctive style statements.

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Latest Designs and Variant Styles of Amber for Sale


The texture, surface, glow, shine, and appearance of amber stones speak a lot about its uniqueness. Perhaps, that’s the reason for its unmatched popularity in the professional market. Since its discovery and emergence in the professional arena, Amber has enthralled and amazed numerous buyers. From regular wear to festivities, Amber can prove to be the perfect partners to your apparels. Irrespective of the chosen style, amber jewelry can complement every outfit you wear!

Quite interestingly, some of the leading amber sellers and dealerships have come up with latest designs and styles. You will find a diverse collection of amber beads and stones studded with exquisite designs.

While checking out the Amber for Sale options, make sure you choose the right variant. Whether it’s for personal use or for gifting someone, buyers will have a multitude of options to choose from.


Checking out latest styles

Before nailing down your choice of Amber stones, how about knowing the latest designs available in the market? When it comes to buying amber, you will come across diverse styles, designs, and presentations. Breeze through the following aspects and know what’s there for you.

A multitude of options

Amber stones and jewelries are available in verities of styles. From necklaces, pendants, and rings to bracelets and earrings, you will have a plethora of options. Some of the crucial variations include:

  1. Antique amber beads: If you wish to recreate the quintessential old-world charm, none other than antique amber beads can make it happen. Check out options available at the leading stores, and they will offer stunning pieces.
  2. Round beads: Amber also comes in diverse shapes, but, it’s the round beads that have achieved maximum popularity. Plan your purchase of sparkling, stunning, and authentic round Amber for Sale with DR Fine Jewels and they will offer the best one.
  3. Gold studded Amber: Some of the creative and innovative jewelry makers are redefining the gracious beauty of this precious rock. By embedding amber stones in gold, they are creating the perfect fusion of classic style and contemporary look!
  4. Insect Amber: Whether you opt for the Baltic variety or the Dominican Blue Amber, insect-trapped amber stones have a distinctive appearance and style. The figurines of tiny insects inside the amber stone or beads make it an awe-inspiring option for jewelry lovers.


Taking your pick

If you are planning to browse through the Amber sale options, it will be imperative to find out your choice first. Do you wish to own a pair of beautiful amber earrings? Or is it a stunning neck piece that enthralls you to the tee? The leading and genuine amber sellers will have the following options for you:

  • Amber earrings
  • Amber rings
  • Amber neck pieces
  • Amber bracelets
  • Amber pendants
  • Teething necklaces

These are some of the exclusive styles and options available in the market. While purchasing amber stones or jewelry items, you must assess these factors and then finalize your purchase decision. Latest Amber jewelry will enhance your appearance and look, thus transforming your style statement for the better!

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Amber Wholesale – Find Here More Than 32 Natural Baltic Amber of Dominican Republic


Considering the fact that Baltic region is home to the biggest amber deposits, Dominican Republic has its own share of these materials. Baltic is a generic term and the products are different than the core blue amber from Dominican Republic. For those love unusual or rare gemstones, this one surely tops the list. With Amber wholesale from reputed sites, you have an inspiring collection that enthralls all and sundry. The natural beauty of the piece adds personality and panache to your wardrobe. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes.


  • Features of the material: Baltic amber is quintessentially a soft material. Used extensively in medicine, perfumery and jewelry since ancient times, this amber attracts a lot of attention. It’s indeed a treasure of its own kind. The nobility has worn it since centuries and it was never affordable for the masses.
  • The intrinsic effect: Not only does amber please the eye, it also balances your mood besides reducing stress and providing a sense of happiness and wellness. Clarity and color range from opaque and transparent. It occurs in dark and light tones along with some opaque cloudy tones. One of the most coveted shades is determined by the sheer intensity. It includes rich yellow to white, strong to medium darkness.
  • The gold plated ones: Some amber pendants are gold plated with insect inclusion. These are sterling silver and hand crafted ones. Decorated with transparent and genuine polished amber stones. They contain nicely trapped and preserved inclusions. They make a perfect gift for those who appreciate rare gemstones.
  • The related derivative: you now have the opportunity to get a fragment of fascinating ancient world. The light weight with insect inclusion patterns with cabochon shape and honey as main stone color entails bail clasp locking. Honey is the main stone color.
  • Some important facets: If you take a short trip of for the DR Fine Jewels Amber wholesale products, you’ll find a plethora of options. The condition of these products is brand-new, unopened, unused and the items are thoroughly undamaged.
  • More on the features: They’re handmade with 100% pure, authentic Baltic amber, which is at least 30-90 million years old. The protraction of the ages makes it something unique and the look is extremely niche. It’s not at all artificial, reconstituted, and synthetic or substitute for real amber.

Providing day-long energy

Spiritually, people across different cultures consider this gemstone to be the keeper the torchbearer of fidelity and love. It brings bliss and happiness besides possessing certain healing qualities. That’s the common belief. The wholesale outlets keep their racks brimming with these products. You have amber that’s warm to human touch. They transmit or nurture a relaxing smell if you wear that in your hand. You also have people believing that amber makes the fairer sex perfect and that it can also attract love. You can different the real and quality ones from substandard versions by resinous smell it permeates when you burn it. The smoke is aromatic and is familiar with church ceremonies.

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