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In the late 1970’s the Stone Larimar was discovered by the members of the Peace Corps.  They were found along the sea-shore, but following the river trail, they found that they originally came from the mountains. It is an opaque gemstone that is blue in color. The most favorite shades are greenish blue and turquoise. Seven different ways you can visualize them are listed below.
1.      Filigree Pendant
This sort of a pendant from DR Fine Jewels has a Larimar stone in the middle with a wire wrapped around it. The wire is gold-filled and the there a freshwater pearl that forms the focus. This pearl is twisted in gold-filled filigree that is twisted. This kind of an amazing artwork is sure to grab eyeballs on you and to invest in such pieces is worth it.
Larimar stone
2.      Pale Pendant with patterning
This sort of a pendant is made by using silver to wrap around the soft blue colored Larimar stone. The whole chain is made up o f silver, or you can also opt for a thin band of platinum. There are a beautiful patterning and translucence around the gem. This is just what you needed as a conversation starter.
3.      Ear Climbers
These climbers are also known as ear cuffs but are slightly different from them. Argentium silver is used to make such a piece, and the bead accents have sterling silver around them. Beauty, by all means, this type of jewelry is a must buy.
4.      Drop Earrings
Beads of the gemstone create these kinds of earrings. The beads are more than ten mili meters in diameter. They are made using Opalite crystals and drops. There are spacers of crystals and sterling wire of silver to all of it together. Flaunt these and look your best.
Larimar stone
5.      Wire Bracelet
Many are fond of hand accessories. Well, when you have such unusual gemstones around you then why not. This type of a stone cabochon is created using wires that are further adorned with pearls.  Such an elegant piece enhances the beauty of your hands ten times. Invest in one, and you shall never regret it.
6.      Customized “sail away” brooches
Brooches always add royalty to your formal clothes and what better to have one in a lovely turquoise stone. Dominican polished stones are further embedded into silver wires with a sturdy clasp to be attached to the dress. This whole piece resembles a ship with sails.
7.      A 14k pendant
Splurge into a little expensive but lifetime piece with cabochon turquoise stone that is wrapped in 14K wire filled with gold. It looks antique and regal at the same time. Take a dip in the ocean after owning such a beautiful piece and explore the beauty of nature.
Larimar stone
The tranquil beads

Beaded gemstone jewelry is unique and striking. Something about these stones makes them a very intrinsic part of you, and that is their color. The blue stone from DR fine Jewels always emanates tranquillity and peace in all forms. It is a soft stone that registers a range of 5 on the Moh’s scale which means it is vulnerable to knocks and scratches. Since it is relatively new in the jewelry game flaunting a piece made of these stones is sure to turn heads.

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