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 Unlike fictional movies where fossils of mosquitoes trapped inside Amber will provide trails of the life of dinosaurs, you might just get insect fossils. This resin which was excreted from various coniferous trees and viscous and sticky to prevent predators and pests hardened with organisms being stuck inside them. They would stay that way for millions of years wherein preserving and protecting unique instances and fragile structures. You can use such quirky resin stones to curate your jewelry. There are some incredible stones found with creatures trapped inside them, and they are discussed below.

  1. Million year ants in pendants

The burmite or the Burmese resin stone hailing from the Cretaceous age was used for jewelry and art pieces since the 600 BC. This type of jewelry adds mystery to your ensemble and has long been desired by individuals. It is also believed to have inclusions of some newest species of early ants in the Amber fossil like some of the DR fine jewels products.

Amber fossil

  1. The diabolic scorpions

Rare male scorpions have been found to be part of the Amber fossil. Scientists have been claiming that this specimen inside the resin stone is from the Miocene period. A scorpion inclusion in such stones would look lovely as one of the beads on your bracelet. You can use them to make different forms of jewelry though they are considered antiques.

  1. Lizards

Sticky tentacles of carnivorous plants along with lizards from the Caribbean area have been found as inclusions in the resin gems. Many lizards have been discovered in the stones which give an idea to the researchers about the evolution of the communities of lizard. They can be transformed into shoulder duster earrings.

  1. Carnivorous plants

There also have been insects that have been inside such stones where they are found to be carrying eggs on the back. Such fossilized instances make a one of a kind inclusion inside the resin stone because it depicts behavioral instincts of a mother insect. You can imagine such pieces as a part of your rings or necklaces.

  1. Floral fossils

Some beautiful stones have flower inclusions in them that make them even more worthwhile. According to scientists this specimen dated back to a steamy forest of the tropics and was borne by grasses, climbing vines, and some other palms. Many of resin stones available online from the DR fine jewels possess such unusual stones.

Amber fossil

 Time trapped pieces

All these inclusions found in the stones give it a very edgy and innovative look.  You can buy such unusual pieces for crafting your brooches, earrings, necklaces, pendants and much more. The whole idea of these stones having life forms trapped into them gives it a very surreal and vivid look. Transforming the prodigious finds into stunning pieces of jewelry can be a daunting task as most of them enjoy antique status. There are imitations available too with that may not have as old creature trappings into them. Everything from feathers to male pollen being inserted into the stigma all such evidence have been time trapped forever.