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You should dress and accessorize yourself in a way that you can stand out, in the crowd. For that, you will not mind adopting a style that is cool, funky and fashionable. You may be in your casual attire, or in a formal fashion ensemble; the decision and choice are yours. But either way, you should know how to add to the grace and charm of your personality. You can increase the charm and enhance your mysterious aura by selecting unusual pieces of beads and gemstones.

A unique illustration

When it comes to filling your fashion wardrobes with unusual pieces of gemstones; the name which first comes to mind is green amberIf you are of the opinionyellow is the only option to come by; then, you are laboring under a wrong notion. You will come across a multiplicity, in color scheme and variation. The Dominican stones are mostly blue in color, but it is not uncommon to get hold of pieces that are red, cherry brown, and green.


Importance of heat treatment

You can use the green amber sold by the drfinesjewels.com to add a new dimension to your wardrobe. But before that, you should know how the gemstone undergoes the thermal treatment procedure. The procedure which makes use of heat waves seeks to enhance the stone’s natural color. The measure is also useful in enhancing the clarity of the gemstone. Dominican stones which are red or blue in color don’t lose their respective shade while undergoing heat treatment. The same can be said about the stones colored in cherry, yellow or green.

The heat treatment adds to the intensity of the color scheme. While buying this special variety of gemstone, you should check how intense the color scheme is. You should also find out if an artificial coating has been added. Do remember that there is a fine line of difference between color intensity and the use of artificial color coat. The heat treatment is a part of the manufacturing process, and with this, the sales outlet adds to the intensity of the color tone.

Don’t pick artificially colored pieces

The natural color of the gemstone is unlikely to fade out. The thermal treatment undertaken ensures that the color scheme remains as it is, over years’ time, even after incessant use. But if you come across a piece with an artificial color coat; then, you should think twice before buying that piece. The artificial covering tends to wear out. Before getting these gemstones ready for the market, the manufacturing outlet also sees if the stones have cracks. Cracks including the other irregularities may develop during the process of excavation. With the help of filling, it is possible to do away with these issues and irregularities.


You can get the stone melted

You can get the gemstone to suit the exact size of jewelry that you are interested in. That’s because it is possible to melt the amber chunks and give it the exact shape that the user wants. Solid pieces that are available in chunks are more expensive than the pressed pieces of the gem stone which have undergone the process of melting.