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A unique property of natural resin is that it produces an electric charge when a piece of this gemstone is rubbed with a soft piece of cloth. This feature is usually not noticed in the case of other precious gems. Though this gem is always considered as a precious stone, this is not a mineral or stone at all. This is, in fact, a tree resin which has fossilized over the years. At Dr Fine Jewels, green translucent beads on jewelry are available. These gemstones are unique, and it can dazzle your eyes when placed against gold or silver sets.

Green amber

Natural essence

Green amber has a fragrance of its own and you can visit DRfine Jewels to know more about them. They release a natural essence which is pleasing to all. Sometimes traders try to enhance the smell by adding nitric acid to the melted material. This type of jewelry in this store is a beautiful addition to any woman’s accessory.

Source of this color

The stunning green amber color is obtained through its exposure in a damp environment among decayed organic matter over an extended period. This is a highly desirable product. If you take the case of Baltic type, jewelers expose the surface to heat and oxygen. This leads to stone clarification and improvement in the color of this gemstone. This type of treatment is common with all kinds of precious stones not just amber.

Green amber

Green does not indicate fake color

People think of red or golden colored stones whenever amber comes into mind. Many people believe that when it is available in different color variations, they are fake.  But that is not always true.  Not all colored translucent beads are made of plastic materials or glass. In reality, resin in its natural form is also available in light or dark colors. The Baltic amber is one such example.

Green amber

Greener variations

During the process of fossilization, some leaves are trapped in that resin. These leaves give the pigmentation before that is being fossilized. The clearer variations are usually obtained from the oceans. They have a clear image because the ocean waves have cleared away all the imperfections. This makes them have a smoother surface. The mined varieties have to be run through machines to get that smooth finish.

Green amber

Healing powers

Apart from jewelry making, natural resin has healing powers also. All natural amber release succinic acid. When you wear jewelry made of amber, this acid is released, and it gets absorbed by the skin. This has a soothing effect on the body. The wearer feels relaxed and calm.

Soothing effect of the gem

Shop unique items made from this natural stone. It is used on earrings, bracelets, wristlets and necklaces. Some women wear on anklets also. It is very popular among the amber enthusiasts. The price of these types of natural jewelry depends on how dark the shade of the green is in the stone. Yellow-green color is cheaper compared to deeper green. Throughout history, some people have believed that this color of the gemstone is capable of bringing good luck.