The blue shade of amber is the rarest variety of all the colors available. At the same time, it is an absolute piece of wonder, as the particular shade gives it an exotic look. These are mostly found on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. The little that is found is used in making exquisite pieces of jewelry bound to enhance the wearer’s beauty. This shade that makes this variety so special is actually due to the coloration of the hydrocarbons present in this glowing stone. There are some ways in which you can use this variety to boost your look while you keep it natural.


This Variety gives an esthetically strong look

The shade that it possesses after its coloration can be considered almost unique. This particular shade makes it acquire an esthetical value. This shade also makes it artistically valuable, for which it is used in making off-the-track jewelry. So it can be used to enhance your beauty and can give your deck up a unique look. You just have to match the Dominican blue amber with the right dress to make a great fashion statement. Choose a dress with the color that goes well with that particular luminescent shade. It can be milky white attire or a sea-green one.

Ensure that you craft it well

Every gemstone should be used in the right way to make the jewelry look good. With this shade, you have to be extra cautious. A wrong crafting might lead to an unfortunate fashion blunder. So use the exquisite piece of natural art sensibly to enhance your appeal. For instance, it will be a wise choice to use a silver chain with a pendant made of that stone rather than a silver beaded string. It can also be paired up with a subdued shade of gold. Or else, if you have the sufficient budget, you can use it over a band of platinum. There are several chains available in Drfinejewels to pair up with Dominican blue amber.


Give yourself a unique look

You can get a look that is unique in its appeal. The shade itself is unique and extremely rare. It is very difficult to find an authentic piece. This difficulty is increasing with each passing day since more fake ones are being sold as the authentic stone. An interesting fact that will surprise you is that the quantity of pure variety extracted annually is a hundred kilograms while that of the poor variety is about eight hundred grams. You can thus very well understand the extent of the rarity. Thus use it if you get hold of one, to have a unique look.

You Will Feel Good Too

The last but perhaps the best benefit that you will get along with that exquisite beauty is the feel-good factor. It energizes your body, and you feel much stronger than before. The blue variety is endowed with greatly efficient healing powers. In earlier times it was used as a therapeutic cure. Along with looking beautiful, you are thus able to feel much better and more active than ever before. So if you are lucky enough to find this variety and have the adequate budget, purchase one for yourself.

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