When talking about Amber stone, the primary definition of what it is makes it clear about what it can have. There is this constant specific curiosity about knowing what this entire amber stone is all about. This stone is preliminary a resin fossil from a coniferous tree. Therefore, if you have an original amber stone, you will get to see the variant imprints of animals. These animals may have just stamped the gum when they yet got fossilized. Thus, all Amber Fossil have such stamps. On this contrary, apart from the stamps, there were few ancient animals that were found in these stones.

There are several such discoveries that have helped them to known about the different perspectives. It is also an innovation for the scientist who researches on the different ancient animals. More importantly, there is this resemblance about the evolution of the species that were stuck in amber. The amber fossil from DR Fine Jewels resembles most of the imprints of these ancient animals.


Six Incredibility

Six most incredible fossils that were found in the amber stone are:

  • Caribbean Lizard: An ancient lizard was found trapped in this fossil. Researchers have claimed that this was probably the species that existed fifteen to twenty million years ago. The fossil had actually been preserved for study. It has shown designated difference in the climate change and the change in the species over the years.
  • Meat eating plants: These plants were precisely called the large pieces. There is this definite perspective to look at the fact about the features of the species. It has been seen that the plants had tentacles. The Baltic amber found most of these species getting trapped to it. These species of plants were preserved for the similar study.
  • 100 million year old ants: These are one of the exceptional collections among the six most incredible species that were found in the amber. These were species of around 600 BC. These too have been one of the collections that have ha sincere researches. The ant’s species got a lot more improvised results after this particular specification.


  • Dinosaur Feathers: The right perspective of the fact was something that will help you in having the right knowledge of the fact. There is this complete evidence about how famous these resins were to the dinosaurs. The researchers have claimed that the feather fossils have helped a lot in the study of this species. There were resemblances of variant species of the dinosaurs.
  • Stinging Spiders: There were ancient spiders found and most importantly, they show the emergence of the present species. These fossil spiders were found with sixty eggs. It is therefore an important version of the fact that will help them to show about the different species. It caters to the different knowledge about the spiders.
  • The ancient spider web: This has been one of the innovative discoveries. One of the fine webs is looking for the relevant web series. There is this definite perspective to identify the right type of web. It is to be noted that when you have an eminent discovery like this, it is always enticing to know more.

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