The best thing about the natural product is the durability they have. The distinct feature about natural ingredients is about the originality it has. The primary concern is to get assured that whether these natural ingredients are original or not. The Larimar stone is one such natural gemstone that has its radiance even when they are in their natural forms. A large number of population prefers to buy these natural jewelries. The jewelries made from these stones are gracefully beautiful and are also different from the normal jewelries you possess.


Some unknown facts

There are few factors that you may not know about these stones. These are as follows:

  • Rare gem: This particular stone is rare and also makes it a unique possession in your jewelry box. The stone is found only in a square kilometer area. Within the dense rainforest, Larimar is found in the mountainous provinces of Dominican Republic. The stones were such rare that it is only in the recent times that the world came to know about its existence.
  • Only 10% of the gem becomes jewelry: Among all the different precious gems that are found by mining, may have some consistent percentage of availability. But, only 10% of the stone is found as Larimar. Among this 10%, only 3% is used for the fine jewelry making. Thus, if you possess one of these jewelry sets, it is evident you possess something unique.
  • An access to divinity: It has been stated that this particular gemstone can somehow place a connection to God. This crystal stone is likely to address a vibration that fetches you to have a divine connection. The energy given by the vibration helps you to feel a connection straight with the divine lord.


  • A gasp of positivity: When you feel distressed, all may suggest you to do things that you love. However, wearing a piece of Larimar jewelry, can lead you to have the right sense of positivism. It removes all the negativity of your life and helps you to choose the right path of life.
  • A highly spiritual stone: Not known by many, that it is efficiently a definite spiritual stone. There is an importance that strikes in your attitude after you wear them. However, they may not have that revealed proof, it is necessary to look out through the several perspectives. It provides with a spiritual assistance. More importantly, it builds a belief on you about yourself.
  • Enhances the power of healing: A sense of healing power is essentially required. This helps in rebuilding your contempt. This Larimar stone from DR Fine Jewelry helps in creating a healing power. There is this compulsory healing note which helps you wisely.

With all these unknown facts, you have had worn a Larimar jewelry. Thus, after knowing all these interesting facts, it can be all the more interesting to wear this particular jewelry after knowing the beneficiaries. The hard work that the miners give in finding the stone makes it expensive. However, it is affordable to adorn yourself with one such jewelry.

Blog Source: http://drfinejewel.blogspot.in/2017/02/the-natural-beauty-of-larimar-stone.html