Found in the scenic and exotic locations of the Dominican Republic, the quintessential classic blue amber stone is a breed apart. While the Baltic varieties of this precious stone have a spectacular glow, the Dominican variety is popular for its outstanding appeal.

In spite of the presence of Baltic amber stones, the Dominican blue amber beads have successfully carved a distinctive niche for itself. With the ever-increasing popularity of amber stones and beads, jewelry makers and designers are waiting to explore the Dominican blue variety.

On the other end, jewelry lovers are developing a liking for the classic blue amber. If you wish to adorn yourself with an excellent amber jewelry set, the blue-colored Dominican variety will turn out to be the best option. With the following reasons in mind, you will surely wish to buy high-quality Dominican blue amber beads from top sellers like DR Fine Jewels.


Here’s why you need to choose them!

Tracking the reasons

The origin and source of this particular blue amber date back to almost 30 to 40 million years. As a refined, unique, and spectacular version of classic amber, the Dominican version enjoys unmatched popularity amongst jewelry makers too. The following reasons will help you make a choice.

  1. Texture

Compared to the Baltic variety, the Dominican blue amber is softer and smoother. Blue amber beads record 1.5 to 2 on Moh’s scale.

  1. Transparency

When it comes to transparency, the Dominican version outperforms the Baltic variety. It is almost 90% more transparent compared to its Baltic counterpart.

  1. Clarity

Blue amber beads have a see-through appearance which enhances the stone’s clarity. It’s a rare and exquisite feature that makes blue amber jewelry even more desirable.

  1. Design innovations

Blue Amber is a designer’s treat. Highly proficient jewelry makers love to work on it, as blue amber offers ample opportunities to translate design ideas into reality. Jewelry lovers will find jewelry made of custom-designed amber beads.


  1. Diverse shades of blue

Dominican amber beads don’t exhibit a standard blue color. Rather, the stunning blue shade can change according to lighting conditions, thus imparting an exotic appearance to your jewelry piece. You will get stunning shades such as light blue, aqua blue, and ultra-blue.

  1. Insect occurrence

The presence of insect or animal remains in the amber jewelry can transform its appearance to a great extent. In the Dominican variety, the presence of these insects is quite higher than the Baltic ones. Quite naturally, insect remains will make your amber look even more special.

  1. Right options for every occasion

Whether it’s a formal gathering or friendly parties, blue amber jewelry will complement every occasion and outfit.

  1. Availability

When it comes to buying authentic amber jewelry, you will have a wide range of purchase options including the online stores. You can either get the beads or purchase complete sets.

  1. Style and appeal

Blue, amber beads jewelry imparts an outstanding appeal to your apparels. By wearing a pretty amber necklace or earring, you will look nothing short of a fashionista.

  1. Classy fashion

Dominican amber beads represent classy fashion like never before! Whether it’s an ethnic or fusion dress, blue amber beads will help you create distinctive style statements.

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