Considering the fact that Baltic region is home to the biggest amber deposits, Dominican Republic has its own share of these materials. Baltic is a generic term and the products are different than the core blue amber from Dominican Republic. For those love unusual or rare gemstones, this one surely tops the list. With Amber wholesale from reputed sites, you have an inspiring collection that enthralls all and sundry. The natural beauty of the piece adds personality and panache to your wardrobe. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes.


  • Features of the material: Baltic amber is quintessentially a soft material. Used extensively in medicine, perfumery and jewelry since ancient times, this amber attracts a lot of attention. It’s indeed a treasure of its own kind. The nobility has worn it since centuries and it was never affordable for the masses.
  • The intrinsic effect: Not only does amber please the eye, it also balances your mood besides reducing stress and providing a sense of happiness and wellness. Clarity and color range from opaque and transparent. It occurs in dark and light tones along with some opaque cloudy tones. One of the most coveted shades is determined by the sheer intensity. It includes rich yellow to white, strong to medium darkness.
  • The gold plated ones: Some amber pendants are gold plated with insect inclusion. These are sterling silver and hand crafted ones. Decorated with transparent and genuine polished amber stones. They contain nicely trapped and preserved inclusions. They make a perfect gift for those who appreciate rare gemstones.
  • The related derivative: you now have the opportunity to get a fragment of fascinating ancient world. The light weight with insect inclusion patterns with cabochon shape and honey as main stone color entails bail clasp locking. Honey is the main stone color.
  • Some important facets: If you take a short trip of for the DR Fine Jewels Amber wholesale products, you’ll find a plethora of options. The condition of these products is brand-new, unopened, unused and the items are thoroughly undamaged.
  • More on the features: They’re handmade with 100% pure, authentic Baltic amber, which is at least 30-90 million years old. The protraction of the ages makes it something unique and the look is extremely niche. It’s not at all artificial, reconstituted, and synthetic or substitute for real amber.

Providing day-long energy

Spiritually, people across different cultures consider this gemstone to be the keeper the torchbearer of fidelity and love. It brings bliss and happiness besides possessing certain healing qualities. That’s the common belief. The wholesale outlets keep their racks brimming with these products. You have amber that’s warm to human touch. They transmit or nurture a relaxing smell if you wear that in your hand. You also have people believing that amber makes the fairer sex perfect and that it can also attract love. You can different the real and quality ones from substandard versions by resinous smell it permeates when you burn it. The smoke is aromatic and is familiar with church ceremonies.

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