Before buying amber, you need to understand the nit-grid of it. Identifying the genuine gemstone from imitations is a tough job, but not impossible. As with other substitutions and imitation in gems labeled as created or man made, scientists have discovered several ways in the current century for synthesizing precious, rare and natural materials that goes into copying these items with varying levels of inferior quality. Your Amber for Sale outlets need to have those specifications covered. There are esteemed online stores dealing with precious materials like Baltic Amber. There have been occasions when other stores replicate them with worthless materials. Education is important here. There are reliable sources to get that knowledge.


  • Assessing the marketplace: Currently, the concerned marketplace is all flooded with many fake amber products, especially the amber inclusions. There are sites that help you to determine real from fake. Otherwise, you’ll be deceived easily. These fake products go for a much higher rate on some occasions and yet, they’re not just artificial, they also don’t have the healing powers which are so famously associated with both Baltic and Dominican amber.
  • Shunning of typical fake materials: Materials used for amber imitations are copal, glass, celluloid, fenolic resins, modern plastic and casein. Proper manufacturers will never use them. More often than not, some companies use modern plastic like polystyrene and polyester for producing artificial amber and the inclusions. The reliable ones help you to distinguish between them with authentic amber limpidity and colors. You can obtain them through the real one.
  • Tests that help ascertain: When you’re going for Amber for Sale from esteemed sources like Dr Fine Jewels, you’ll find a plethora of tests done to affirm the genuineness of amber. Small tests are smell tests. These are the most effective ones since natural amber entails a specific smell. It’s difficult to derive it while generating falsifications. You can then segregate the good ones.


  • Demonstrating the part: The sites show how heating real amber can diffuse the delicate and specific fragrance of resins from the pine tree. Copal falsifications will be laid bare in this way because Copal diffuses the aroma of sweet resins if you heat it. The fake ones can also use other materials that diffuse the burnt plastic smell.
  • The rubbing tests: Trusted sites go for these tests as the best way to rub into your hand’s palm is this only. It’s possible to heat authentic amber if you rub it until it generates the pine tree smell. It needs a very strong and experienced hand, which only an expert and esteemed company can provide. These companies have been in the industry for a long time and that sets their professional standard.
  • Hot needle tests: The most effective of them all, it includes the sticking of heated needle into a perfect placement inside the amber. Any smell of definite resins of pine tree means its real amber.
  • The other process: IR spectroscopy is another very effective and scientific method to identify fossil resins.

You also have the heat treatment and pressed amber methodology for assessing the purity of the materials. There are sites that show you how to maintain them.

Blog Source: http://drfinejewel.blogspot.in/2016/12/seven-reliable-sources-to-get-knowledge.html