Black Friday has arrived again. Black Friday is the Friday just after the Thanksgiving Day which is the fourth Thursday of November. This is the time for getting hold of the shopping spree. All the shops and stores that are selling the consumer products give special offers to attract customers during this time. With the Black Friday starts the shopping and purchases for the festive season. This spell lasts till the New Year time. The customers also try to make the most of the season. They wait throughout the year for this period. They buy in heaps after availing the discounts offers.

Black Friday Offer from Drfinejewels

Avail the discounted offer for buying amber

DR Fine Jewels, the renowned wholesaler of ambers is offering a special discount of 30% if you buy ambers from them during this season. The Black Friday Offer is valid till 2ndDecember of the current year. If you do the online purchase from them during this period, you can avail this incredible offer. It will be a great opportunity for the customers. Ambers are expensive objects. If you had been thinking of ambers, this is the time. Just remember that you have to act fast. After 2nd December, you have to buy the products at full price.

Payments to be done

The offer is mainly available if you do the purchase online. As a result, this offer is open for customers all over the globe. There is a particular coupon code that has to be used while placing the orders. Automatically, you have to pay the discounted price. All the other terms and conditions of the purchase will remain unchanged.The payment can be made through bank transfer. PayPal can also be used for the payments if the ordered value is less than US $5000. The ordered products would be dispatched after the payments made.

Black Friday Offer

Place your orders now

Every year, DR Fine Jewels comes up with such attractive offers during the Black Friday shopping season. The shoppers wait for the whole year for availing the offers. As there are large demands, it is often seen that some of the products become out of stock after a few days. If you are really keen of buying amber jewelry from DR Fine Jewels, you must not make any delay. You must log in and place your orders as soon as possible. The sooner you act, the higher are the chances of getting all varieties of products in stock.

Quality of products are assured inspite of rush

You can be assured of one thing. You need not fear about the quality of the products during the rush period. Some people may feel that you may be sold some inferior varieties during the rush seasons. The company is well aware of the annual shopping rush. It stocks a huge amount of products much in advance. While doing this, all the testing parameters are carried out minutely. The company is very much sensitive about its brand name and good will. It acts with prudence to preserve them.

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