Defined mostly as rare blue colored gem of mineral pectolite, Larimarcan be found in Caribbean Island. The blue color of this gem is due to its copper substitute, making it a perfect stone for your accessories. Nowadays, people are inclining towards Larimar for accessorizing them and even for its positive signs. It is also known as stefilia’s stone, and the history of this product is based on various stories and legends. The translucent and smooth finish of this product is enough to enhance its beauty more.


Benefits revolving around this stone

Oh well, not just for its immense beauty, but Larimar stone is known for its healing and magical properties. Sounds weird right? But in reality, the facts are true and proven. Let’s talk about some of the metaphysical properties and benefits, this stone has in store.

  • Known as spiritual stone: Larimaris defined as a significant spiritual stone, which will help you to open to a new meaning of life. It helps in stimulating evolution of earth.
  • Bring love and peace: This stone isknown for bringing love and peacefulness in your lives. Furthermore, the same stone is used for adding tranquility in your lives.
  • Create a meditative state: Larimarcreates deep form of meditative state. It further works well for raising consciousness and further harmonizing soul and body to some unique vibrations.
  • Empower spiritual self: This stone is powerful enough for empowering spiritual self. It helps in facilitating communication with unknown realms and even establishes angelic contact. This stone can be excellent for you, especially when you are planning to seek soul mate.
  • Heal past relationship traumas: It helps in healing past life relationships and some heart traumas. If you have ever gone through any bad relationships, this stone can be your best partner for help.
  • It provides mental stability: The Larimar stone, from DR Fine Jewels, helps to create mental stability. It brings back clarity, serenity and some constructive thought. It further helps in encouraging and stimulating self-esteem and confidence.
  • Larimar offers emotional help: The larimar product would like to help you out emotionally. It helps to bring down equilibrium and calmness to your body and mind. It can be a great antidote for some of your emotional outbursts.


Jot down the cons

It’s hard to mention any cons with larimar or stefilia’s stone. However, if you are not into blue color for accessorizing yourself, then this stone is not meant for you. Furthermore, this stone is not for the weak hearted, as it controls your body and mind, well.

Healing illnesses as well

The Larimar is quite useful for its medical astrology treatment. It helps in stimulating third eye and heart crown, which further promotes healing. So, if you are suffering from throat disease or cartilage problems, this stone can be of great help for you. It further removes blockages in neck, chest and even in head. So, avoid wasting time further and invest money for this magical stone, right away! You can even use this stone as your reflexology tool!

Blog Source: http://drfinejewel.blogspot.in/2016/11/things-that-make-you-love-and-hate.html