Blue Amber is quite popular among people, and from ancient times. There was a huge demand of such products from centuries now. These items are said to be costly and cannot be found easily.  Now, you might have a question, popping up in your mind. What are the reasons behind such a great popularity of Blue Amber? Well, let’s just clarify your points now.


Reasons behind growing popularity of Blue amber

It clearly represents a complete era of past. It represents nothing short than a bygone era. It seems like a moment of history is trapped within this frame. This stone helps in creating a sign of uncanny feeling on beholder.

  • Beauty at its best: It is extremely beautiful. It is well stated as perfect gift from nature. Each one of the amber piece is completely different from the rest. Starting from shape, size and even color, everything differs from one another.
  • Polished surface for a great look: To accentuate the current look of it, the surface is polished well. It helps in creating a more appealing look to it. This stone is sometimes used as display items; thanks to their impeccable beauty.
  • Used in jewelry business: It is a great catch for jewelers around the globe. For the past few decades, ambers are widely used for manufacturing jewelries. As these stones have objects trapped within, it helps in enhancing the beauty of the item more.
  • Best used for scientific studies: It is proven to be great for scientists. As various types of plant life and organisms are trapped inside these gems, it helps scientists to come across some inventions. These fossilized organisms help them to study what was in the past. Some organisms might even have extinct with time.


  • Known for its healing properties: The Dominican blue amber, as procured from DR Fine Jewels, is said to have some healing properties. The stones have flawless medicinal properties. These are used widely for treating various types of pains, especially the arthritis.
  • Bringing in positive energy: It is said to bring in positive energy in your lives. It further helps in releasing negative elements. So, it’s a perfect auspicious gift for your beloved.
  • Used in cosmetics and for heating up your body: Sometimes, the dust is used as a major ingredient in cosmetics. It can be quite appealing to senses as well, and it feels warm on touching. After wearing these stones as accessories, your body starts to heat up slowly.

Priceless stone for you

Well, it is the queen among other color variations of this stone. It is mostly defined as a priceless object, best known for accessorizing yourself and to complete some scientific explanations as well. The aforementioned points are clearly to answer your question, previously asked. However, these stones might be a little bit expensive, but it’s worth every penny you spent. The magnificent dark blue hue makes it even more appealing among jewelers and other common people. It’s a great stone to be added in your kitty!

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