The amber beads which are highly popular and widely used are put into use through the following steps:

  • Should be tied properly: The beads should be tied properly with threads so that they do not come off. The beads are generally small in size and should be fastened together through threads securely. There should be knots given in between each of the threads as if only one bead gets loose and falls off, the other Amber beads are held firmly in their places. You can also use chains for using these beads. Since these are costly items, you should be careful that you do not lose even a single piece of them. Also, a missing bead in a piece of jewelry will render the piece of ornament unfit for wearing.
  • Should be in constant touch with the skin: The ambers are worn for getting certain healing effects. For allowing the best effects to take place, these objects should be in constant touching condition with the body skin. It is a great pain reliever and a stress buster. On wearing these objects constantly, lots of bone inflammation and pains of the joints will see healing effects. They are very helpful in the remedy of migraine and skin problems such as eczema. It can also help you stay calm and relaxed. It is also used in the healing procedure of thyroid problems.


  • Can be taken off before going to sleep: The amber beads which you wear to get some benefits are best worn while you are awake. They can be taken off when you are going to sleep. But to keep the healing process on, you can easily keep it on by winding around the wrists or the ankles. This will not cause any discomfort to you while you go to sleep. It can be inserted into the clothing you are wearing so that you do not feel any trouble during sleeping. Keeping the amber beads out of contact for larger time will delay the healing processes.
  • Should be kept clean regularly: When you buy Amber Beads from DR Fine Jewels through export method, they are generally polished on one side. The other sides are then polished to give it the desired effects and shine. This is the main reason for the appeal of these products. It should be cleaned periodically with the help of a soft cloth by dipping in tepid water. Hot water should never be used on these products. Plain water is okay for these objects. If it comes in touch with detergents or other cleaning chemicals, it is harmful to the ambers.
  • Should be given some time to see the effect of the amber used: You cannot get the effects of amber overnight. The effects take at least 3 to 4 weeks to happen. If it is maintained properly, it can give you the desired effects for at least two years. With the wear and tear of the ambers, its power gradually decreases.

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