Amber is highly popular among the people in the whole world over. It is not that these objects have become popular recently. There was a demand for these objects since centuries. These are costly items and not so readily found. Following are the major reasons of amber being so famous.

Represents an era of the past

The Amber stones represent a bygone era. Since most of these Ambers have some trapped element in them, it seems that a moment from history has been captured in a frame. The resins from the tree had trickled down hundreds of years ago and in the process had captured some object within it. It may be an insect and it gets solidified within the Amber which is transparent. It creates a kind of an uncanny feeling on the beholder.


Is exquisitely beautiful

The amber gems are extremely beautiful in appearance. The amber can be called as a gift from nature. All ambers are unique and no copy is ever created in nature. This makes the ambers become unique in their beauty. The sizes, shapes and hues are all different from each other. The surfaces of the ambers can be polished to create a shine which makes the ambers even more appealing. They are often used as display items due to their immense beauty.

Widely used in jewelry

Renowned wholesaler companies like DR Fine Jewels deal in the precious Amber stones which are used in the jewelry industry. In the last few decades, the ambers are being increasingly used for the manufacture of jewelry. The ambers are available in a variety of colors. The ones that are found in the Baltic Sea area are generally yellow in color. As the ambers have certain objects trapped inside them, this enhances the beauty of the ambers.


Useful for scientific studies

The ambers are very helpful for the scientists. As the resin that is secreted out of the trees entraps some organism or plant life, they slowly solidify and are buried under the ground as fossils. It takes centuries for these amber fossils to develop. They are very valuable items for the scientists. The fossilized organisms help them study the past and the ecosystem that was prevalent during those times. Some of the organisms may have got extinct with the passage of time.

Has healing properties

Amber is believed to possess a power of healing. They are supposed to have medicinal properties and are widely used for the treatment of different types of pains and arthritis. They are also believed to bring in positive energy in life. It releases all the negative elements. Amber is also used as an ingredient in cosmetics. Amber is appealing to the senses also. It is felt warm on touching. On wearing it, it slowly heats up the body.

As ambers are moments frozen in time, they are priceless objects. You can see an organism that has existed a few hundred years ago. These unique features as mentioned above are the reason for the widespread popularity of ambers.

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