With the ever-increasing popularity of amber stones and beads, jewelry makers and designers are considering this precious gem in the latest jewelry designing projects. Amber has gained widespread popularity in the jewelry market by meeting the demands of countless jewelry lovers. According to the age-old idioms, jewelry is a woman’s best friend. And when it is something as special as amber, the entire experience is exceptional and unique.

Some of the leading jewelry makers and brands have launched their exclusive amber jewelry collections. Numerous projects are in the pipeline, and even the new entrants in the jewelry business are investing in amber.

Cristal Clear light Blue Amber Stone.

Quite naturally, such market trends create the demand for amber stones and that too in bulk amounts. The best option is to buy Amber wholesale, as it happens to be cost-effective for jewelry makers and designers.

Taking your pick

If you are planning to purchase amber stones or beads wholesale, you must be very sure about your requirements. From the stunning green to the ravishing blue and the serene yellow, purchasers will have innumerable options to choose from. Depending upon your project and jewelry making need, you can choose between single amber stone pieces or amber chips.

One of the prime aspects worth considering while purchasing wholesale amber is the gradation. Top exporters such as DR Fine Jewels will offer AAA and AAB-grade Blue Amber wholesale. You can also invest in green amber for that unique and unconventional look. Some of the options available for sale are:

  • Dominican Green-and-Blue Amber Stone
  • Dominican Blue-Red Amber Stone
  • Half-polished amber
  • Sky-blue amber

Wholesale buyers can choose amongst these options, and purchase the best product.

Looking for the best prices

Suppliers offering wholesale amber stones strive hard towards offering competitive prices. There is no denying the fact that amber stones are quite expensive. However, wholesale rates are quite affordable, which makes it easier for designers or jewelry makers to buy the product in bulk amounts.

Most importantly, the excavation process carried out by leading suppliers happens to be the best.  They will make sure you get top-quality amber stones without disrupting Nature’s balance. Right from obtaining amber to polishing it, leading exporters perform every step with finesse and utmost care.

Egg Shape Sky Blue Amber Stone

Choose reliable wholesale partners

Other than the stones, amber chips and beads are also quite popular amongst jewelry lovers. These materials can be made into exceptional and unconventional jewelry items, thus meeting the demands of innumerable customers across the globe. Whether it’s in the East or the West, amber stones always find a place in people’s heart.

Therefore, it becomes quite essential to associate with pioneering wholesale suppliers while planning to buy amber in bulk. Their products belong to the topmost quality standards and are available at convenient wholesale rates.

Plan your purchase today

When it comes to buying superior-quality amber, buyers should only rely on the leading suppliers. With a dedicated focus on quality, authenticity, and competitive pricing, the pioneering sellers in Dominican Republic will come up with the best products. You can also purchase yellow Amber and Larimar stones for wholesale needs.