The Dominican Republic happens to be the birthplace of exceptional, unconventional, and exquisite wonders of Nature. If the stunning and spectacular amber stones enthrall you to the tee, the impressive and striking Larimar will give you an awe-inspiring feeling. Found in the serene locales and lush terrains of the region, the Larimar stone ranks amongst the rarest gems produced and nurtured by Mother Nature.

Quite unlike some of the average stones and semi-precious gems available in the market, Larimar has a very special and exquisite appeal. Irrespective of the occasion as well as your apparels, this particular stone will complement and enhance your beauty. Although Larimar is one of the oldest natural stones, it has something very trendy and contemporary about it.

Dominican Semi Polished Larimar Stone

The bright hues, scintillating appearance, and wonderful polish of this stone makes innumerable people go mad over it. Let’s find out what makes Larimar one of the most sought-after items in the jewelry market.

The birth of Larimar

Also known as ‘Stefilia’s Stone,’ this particular gem happens to be the rarest variety of the mineral pectolite. The formation of this stone takes place within the cavities of basaltic lava, and the presence of copper adds translucent shades of blues, thus imparting a unique look to the stone.

Apart from soft blues, this unique stone is also available in shades of turquoise and white. Some of the varieties of Larimar also contain brown or red streaks, which happens to be a result of oxidation. Larimar with streaks has a splendid and spectacular appearance. They are also quite precious and valuable.

What makes Larimar trendy?

From 1916 to 1974, Larimar has an extensive history of discovery and rediscovery. From creating unique ambience at home to making you look gorgeous, this stone serves a gamut of purposes. You can simply place the stone in your living room or as a showpiece, and feel the positivity within you. The following aspects help Larimar qualify as the trendiest gem.

  • Healing powers: Larimar comes with exceptional healing powers. From promoting good health to helping you achieve mental peace, this stone takes care of your overall health conditions.
  • Power of natural elements: With natural elements such as wind and water, Larimar promotes mental wellness and pristine health.
  • Fashionable and stylish: Original and stylish Larimar are the best resources for unconventional jewelry. A simple Larimar pendant with other precious stones such as emerald or ruby will prove to be the perfect partner to your exclusive attire and look.

Dominican Polished Larimar Stone

Buying top-quality Larimar

Planning your purchase with the leading suppliers is highly important, as they will offer you genuine and authentic products. While buying trendy and stylish Larimar stone, you must associate with DR Fine Jewels, as they are the leading exporters in the Dominican Republic. From 10 grams to approximately 100 grams, they stock Larimar of various sizes.

With an amazing texture and awe-inspiring appearance, Larimar or Dolphin Stone happens to be one of the trendiest products. So, it’s not without reason that numerous purchasers are liking and going crazy over it.

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