The natural Larimar stone is a silicate material which is available only in the Dominican Republic. These are naturally formed stones that have huge demand in the market of jewelry. These are found in the mines of the Caribbean’s in the Dominican Republic. They are also used for decorative purposes in rooms of many people. Being very rare with the beautiful hues of blue and green, they are exported widely for the ornament and jewelry market. These items being costly, the companies fetch good sums of money with dealing with these.

Dominican Semi Polished Larimar Stone

Make heads turn

If you can own a larimar and wear it in a gathering, you are sure to make everyone turn towards you. The beauty of these gems is so very pristine that all other ornaments look unattractive against this. The companies in the Dominican Republic which are dealing with this product keep in mind the uniqueness of the product. They are aware that nowhere else in the world this product is available. The rarity of this stone has made it so much in demand nowadays. The larimars are exported at high prices to other nations of the world.

Blue is the best shade

The larimar jewelry is generally found to be set in silver in most of the cases. It is sometimes set in gold also. There are other color shades such as green and ones with red or brown spots are also available. But the most in demand larimar are the ones of the blue shade. The deeper the shade of the gemstone, higher is its price range.  There are some of the dedicated companies in the country of Dominican Republic who deal with larimars. They do the mining of these products and then process the same for sale in the local market or export purposes.

Dominican Polished Larimar Stone

Get the best larimars

There are whole seller companies like DR Fine Jewels who are dealing with the best quality of Larimar stone in the country of Dominican Republic. They supply the best quality of larimers to their customers. They have established their name as a reputed and reliable company which is dealing with precious gemstones and other popular jewelry products such as ambers. They are sourcing the ambers from the exquisite locations. These products have a high demand due to its looks and extraordinary quality. They try to maintain the quality level being a seasoned business organization of their field.

Ambers have healing powers

The Ambers are widely believed to have religious values. People tend to buy them and wear them for relief from certain mental anxiety and tensions. They are supposed to one of a warm variety having earthy elements and can take away all mental tensions and worries. It is believed that if any evil power effects are there upon a person, the Amber would be the best suiting the actual need. All negativities will be dispelled making a person cheerful who will be approachable for any types queries. These are formed naturally through fossilized tree resins over a long period of time.