Ambers are formed from the solidification of tree resins. During the process of trickling down, the resins at times trap certain foreign objects and as a result, you may get Amber with insects which are a beautiful sight to look at. It acts as a capsule of the past. Time stands still in the amber, and an exquisite object is created which has huge demands in the market. The sediments which get trapped in the resins create the amber fossils. The looks of these fossils are mysterious and are beautiful to the eyes. These are pieces of art created in nature, and you can just ponder over the mysteries of nature.

Dominican Amber Fossil Stone

Light effects create the beauty

The ambers have a wide range of color combinations. You will find them in different shades of orange, yellow, brown and blue. The blue ones are quite rare. The rarest of the lot are the jet black ones. These excellent varieties find their way to the jewelry industry the most. There are huge demands of these exquisite products. The effects created by sunlight when they pass through the ambers are simply unparalleled. There are a variety of shades of the same color that are produced in these ambers. These features make them prized possession of ladies who like dressing up and using ornaments.

Countries dealing with amber

The amber production and their business are not widespread. They are found only in certain locations in the world. The Baltic nations of Europe, Poland, some areas of Russia and the Caribbean lands of the Dominican Republic are the major areas of amber production. There are dedicated people in these countries who have taken up the profession of collecting and processing of amber. There are huge demands all over the world. Getting the best quality of amber is the major challenge. Most of the best quality ambers are exported to other countries. They serve as one of the larger revenue generators of these countries.

Dominican Amber Fossil Stone.

Supposedly has healing power

The ambers are believed to have immense healing power. It has been so thought of over generations. So, apart from the jewelry requirements, ambers are used as a kind of a protective wearing item also for a long period. It is believed that on wearing the original ambers, one is relieved of many tensions and worries. You can dispel the negative energy effects that may be harming you. Ambers are supposed to be warm having earthly contact. The evil power effect will be slowly eradicated with the wearing of ambers. Wearing the correct Amber is the most important in this aspect.

Learn to recognize the original one

Companies like the DR Fine Jewels can get you the original Amber with insects and wearing it will increase your appeal. The fake ones are quite similar to the original ambers. You need to have an eye to distinguish between the real and the fake ones. The original varieties will have certain minor flaws that are visible to the eyes. The fake ones are absolutely perfect in the design. Make the right selection of ambers to get the best benefits out of it.

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