There are various precious stones that are used to prepare delicate jewelry in different places of the world. You will find different values and importance of these stones and the value of the stones largely depends on their origin.  Larimar stones have a complex origin and less availability of these stones have increased the value of them as well.

Precious stones those are rare in the nature

There are some natural stones that have a volcanic origin and they are quite precious. There are various reasons behind the rarity of these stones. The stone takes a long time to be formed. One of the variations of the stone is Larimar stone. It is largely found in the seabed and shores of the region of Dominican Republic. This particular stone prevails in the Caribbean Sea and it has a breathtaking nice blue color which greatly resembles the color of the ocean. The magical blue color of these stones is streaked with off white and this gives a misty look to the stone. The stone looks interesting and the history this stone is also intriguing.


The History of the Larimar

The stones which are found in the distant mines of the Caribbean country were exposed long back. But the exact date of the exposure is in the seventies. Then the curiosity for stone became more vibrant among the people. This Dominican Blue Amber has got the popularity with time and largely accepted by the people of different region across the world. This was named as “Larimar” from an interesting combination of “Mar” and “Larissa”. The locals of the Caribbean region used to call it as “blue stone” due the intriguing signature color of it. They used to believe that these stones gradually came up from the deep of the sea itself. However, in the later period of time, research revealed that the origin was from somewhere else.

The Truth behind the Formation the Stones

Well, the formation of the stone is very interesting. The main component of this stone is the deep blue infiltrate. There is sediment that you will find in the stones. These sediments were weather-beaten over time and further were carried down along with the Bahuruco River. This stone has its origin in the volcanic region that is in the mountain region but this truth was revealed by the researchers in later days.


Some Special Qualities of the Stones

The Drfinejewels–Dominican Blue Amber demands to have interesting qualities of the stones that can actually change all the negative vibes into the positive one. This quality actually helps a man to be calm on his nerves at the time of excessive anxiety and tension. Among all other qualities, this stone also promises to provide positive energy to the loving couples. Often it is seen that couples are exchanging the rings that contain the Larimar stones.

Since this stone is found only in a specific part or a segment of the world, it is very valuable. If you are interested to know about this tone then above given information may satisfy you.

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