There are so many precious stones that are used for preparing exquisite jewelry pieces all around the world.  The value of such stones depends much on the origin of the stones. This is because the complex the origin, the lesser they are found and this rarity of the stones ensure that their values increase.

Some Precious Stones

Stones that have volcanic origin are quite precious. This is because they are not very easy to find and their formations take a long time. One such stone is the Larimar stone. It is an exquisite stone of volcanic origin and is found along the shores and the sea bed of the Dominican Republic. This stone that prevails in the Caribbean Sea has a breathtaking blue color that resembles the ocean. The blue is often streaked with white that gives it a misty look. The stone looks very intriguing and so is its history.

The History of the Larimar

The stones that are found in the mines of this Caribbean country were discovered long ago in the early phase of the 1900s. But the proper discovery dates back only to the seventies when the interest in this stone became more acute. This Dominican Blue Amber, as it is popularly known, was so named so after the beloved daughter of the founder and the Spanish word for sea. Thus was formed the named “Larimar” from the combination of “Larissa” and “Mar”. The locals call it the “blue stone” due to its signature colour and they believed that these stones came up from the sea itself. But later investigations proved that there origin is somewhere else altogether. So where were these stones created?

The Truth about the Formation of these Stones

The stones are formed in a very interesting manner. The main ingredient is the blue percolate which gets accumulated in the gaps that are results of volcanic activities in the mountainous regions. When these sediments eroded over time, the deposits were carried down along the Bahuruco River and then all the way down to the sea. Thus these stones have a volcanic origin in the mountainous region much to the delight of the people who believed in their oceanic origin. As they travelled the long distances from the high mountains to the oceans, they are polished and smoothened by the eroding agents and thus they achieved their luster and appeal.

The Special Qualities of these Stones

These are precious stones that not only have an outer appeal but have much more to them. These are believed to have special healing powers and their spiritual effects made them very famous with the high priests and priestesses of the Eastern Indians and the Native Americans. The Drfinejewels – Dominican Blue Amber is said to have qualities that that can actually transmute the negative vibes into positive energies and helps man calm down his nerves in times of excess tension and anxiety. This stone is also exchanged by the loving couples when they take the wedding vows and so the stone symbolizes commitment and love.

Since it is found only in this part of the world it is very precious to this State and they hail it for all the goods in life.

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