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The fossils that have been under precious of rocks and other materials and buried deep down the earth for millions of years are not at all unproductive. Be it an animal fossil or a plant fossil, every other fossil has some importance or the other. Wondering what can be so productive of a plant or an animal that has been dead for such a long time? The article is about one such fossil that is not only product but precious at the same time!
The Precious Fossil of some Tree Resin
Yes, the tree resin that has been fossilized over millions of years of high pressure and heat is what comprises the principal component of the precious stone. So how do we harness these fossilized tree resins? They are mainly done by extraction from rocks and sometimes these are even washed ashore by the high sea waves. Do you like to wear those amber jewelries? They are not only stylish but they are great substitutes for gold and they are just perfect for your corporate office-wear or your classic gown evening. But there are some facts about tawny stone that you should know. The following are some facts that you must know before you go for those ochre stones.
What is this it?
As stated earlier these are fossilized remains of some tree resins that have undergone this process for more than millions of years. This makes them rare. These are very soft and are not restricted to be used in jewelry only. Rather they have been in use from hundreds of years in fields like that of medicine and perfumery as well. The orange pebble is obtained in various types and so it is very important to know the classifications of this substance. According to their origin, these are classified into the Baltic and the Dominican type.
Green amber
So what is the difference between the two types? The Baltic type is more than 40 million years of age and it is more of the purer form. It is either transparent or opaque and has the characteristic yellow color which tells us it is the above mentioned precious rock. Most of the jewelry pieces are made from this type. So what is the Dominican type? They have an origin that dates back to 25 to 40 million years, And they may not have the pure yellow color this is because they mostly have insects or plants trapped inside. So they often have some blue and green variety. The blue and the green amber are very rare and are found in this region only.

Green amber
Some tips for buying the better Amber
Buy Drjewels-green amber stone because the sellers help you buy the rarest and the best ones at affordable price. The color and the clarity are strong determinants of their values. The intensity of the color that are more in the darkest yellow or the red ones make them pricey. Heating in oil can render rich color to this pebble. It is obvious that if it comes with higher clarity, the cost will be higher. You should be very careful about the fake amber that is available in the market. They are made of copal which is another tree resin of lower quality. Spectrometry can be used to judge the authenticity.
So, buy natural and real grit and use it anyway you like.