Precious things are not meant to be available in abundant quantity. Rather their rarity makes them more coveted, much more valuable. This is something which is very true for the stoned named Larimar. Why not get some more details about this perfect and rare thing that the earth has in store for us?

AAA Dominican Larimar Stone Slabs (SOLD)

What is the Origin?

The origin of the aforesaid nugget makes it all the more precious. Yes, it is not just like any other grit that has been chipped out of a mountain or snapped of any hilly terrain. Rather this very shingle is found in the Caribbean. Yes you cannot get it just anywhere on the earth but who have to visit the Caribbean to unearth it in its purest form. It is of volcanic origin. So you have to mine deep inside the volcanic mountains to get these precious grits. Are they being used from ages? The answer is something which is hard to believe. The use of this nugget is not available in historical accounts rather this pebbles is said to have been discovered as late as the mid-seventies of the last century! And once it was discovered it became an instant hit for many a reason. So why is it such a desired pebble? Is it quite dazzling? Is it like gold? Not petty much glittery as gold but this has a luster that is so eye catching and this does make you fall for this pebble. These shingles are mined by the natives of the Caribbean islands and their crudeness lends to the price of the rock. These stones are results of not a few years but some millions of years of volcanic activities.

Dominican Polished Larimar Stone

The demand for these stones

The original shingles are very costly. Want to gift your dear one something precious, something that she should never forget to have received from you? If she is interested in jewelry then gifting a neckpiece or a pair of ear rings studded with these precious Drfinejewels-Larimar stone would be the perfect choice. It can cost you a lot because of the shipping and the rarity of the nugget. And this is why it is a good option if you buy them at wholesale rates. There are a number of online distributers who can get these to you home at a cheaper price if you go for the wholesale mode of purchase. You can definitely buy a single piece of this rock and some sellers do not even charge you a shipping cost. So that can be quite a profitable one.

The Other Attributes

So is the outer appearance of this Larimar stone enough to make it so precious? Probably not because it is not only the look of the grit that is so desirable but these sky blue shingles have healing powers. And these healing powers help us in attaining the inner peace and the stability of the mind.

So buy these rare rocks and enjoy a complete experience of high satisfaction.

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