Larimar embodies the relaxing Sea and the vibrant Sky. It is squashy and its soothing blue and cheering turquoise hues have white streaks that look a lot like sunlight dancing underneath Caribbean waters. It fetches the primordial perception of Atlantis and the curing characteristics of dolphins for harmonizing one’s body and soul.

Larimar, though being among the cardinal Water ingredient stones, has volcanic origins. Among the small number of crystals for balancing the polarities of such energies, this brings down tempers and relives fears, reprieves stress and takes care of the corporeal and poignant bodies. It’s dominant in contemplation and in linking with the heavenly Feminine, and is mainly useful in freeing psychological bonds, patterns / principles that do not provide the utmost good any more. Larimar stone endows the potency and bravery required for speaking explicitly deep from inside the heart.

This is really a typical blue form of Pectolite and is present in no other place than Dominican Republic in Caribbean. It is found as crystals that resemble needles growing jointly in a firm mass and is formed in craters within the basaltic lava. The presence of Pectolite in place of calcium generates stunning see-through hues of light blues, turquoise and white having patterns and streaks of white, and could have red / brown parts where Hematite inclusions have been oxidized. The greater the intensity of the blue color and dissimilarity within this the more atypical it is and also the more pricey.

Other names that this referred to as is Blue Pectolite, Dolphin, Stefilia and Atlantis. Discovered initially in 1916, it got its naming from a Dominican when he re-found it in the year 1974.

Uses of Larimar

This gemstone is of calmness, supporting relaxation in all aspects. This is used normally in the form of a worry bead, or in one’s home or place of work for assuring an agreeable atmosphere.  One can hold it while seated on seashore, or gazing into the sea-like outlines of this for reconnecting the person with the pulses of his/her inner tides. While being seated within a bath enclosed by blue colored candles one can use this for connecting with the remedial characteristics of dolphins by simply visualizing or by listening to dolphin calls. Simply having this on generates an elemental consciousness of the “righteousness” of the earth.

Use drfinejewels –Larimar stone for prevailing over your fear of hospitals, doctors, injections / surgery. It is capable of promoting lucid and self-assured communiqué with health employees.

This is also great for all ladies who are pregnant and after they have become mothers. It is very helpful in lessening post-partum sadness, and eases the strain that new parenthood brings.

Its role as a comforting Water component bead is to cool down hot tempers and guiding excessive fits of passion into tranquility. It could be of used in diminishing the strength of hot flashes and also the frequency of their occurrence. It is also of use, and when the kundalini energies of a person have become dangerously active.

This also helps in finding your soul mate.