Dr Fine Jewels is the name of a wholesaler business in Dominican Republic. It was launched in the month of July of 2002. In this year Dawes Tejada, the CEO of the company realized his idea of forming a company that is not just going to export goods from Dominican Republic to the United States but all over the world.

Some facts on Dr Fine Jewels

This company has made a name for providing its customers with the premium raw amber, beads and chips, and also Larimar. They offer a range of Amber, which is also known as electron, of diverse grades and classes like green, Blue, yellow and fossils, for satisfying all the requirements and demands of clients at a wholesaler rate.

The name DR Fine Jewels’ DR is the short form of Dominican Republic while its Fine Jewels stands for the semi-prized gem stones, namely Larimar and the other varieties of Amber stones. In view of the fact that the merchandise of this company is 100% authentic Dominican grade amber, the founders assigned a fitting name that suits the business purposes of the company.

DR Fine Jewels has always been steadfast in its efforts of being an eco-friendly corporation. According to Mr. Tejada the company ensures that its process of excavation does not damage trees or any natural sources for that matter.

The motto of the company is to assure its clients that it can gratify their product requirements more promptly than any supplementary source in Dominican Republic.  According to Mr. Tejada the company has built up a reputation right through the years by offering products of premium quality and has strived to satisfy its customers. He stated that the company will do all it can to maintain their reputation.

Ambers – gorgeous remnants of times gone by

An Amber fossil is among the grand treasures of nature. Who is going to believe that a number of sediments shut in dribbling tree resin will eventually become such a first-rate and gorgeous leftover of the times gone by. One can call it a time capsule. However Mother Nature has been known for moving in awfully stunning and superb ways. Several years of environmental evolution in tandem with the mysterious ways of Mother Nature is what has made such fossilized gem stones possible. They are a joy to behold and great to feel and thus are such pricey possessions today!

Drfinejewels- Amber fossil is one of the best quality amber that people have ever laid their eyes on from Dominican Republic, which is a Caribbean nation. The fauna and lush flora as well as the biological history of this region are what make it just the right place to dig for these fine stones. The workers and the administrative panel of DR Fine Jewels are committed to providing you with the finest and most exclusive jewels.

The company guarantees that the stones have been reaped from the finest of mines. Thus, those who buy from this company are guaranteed of the most wonderful, exceptional ornamental amber stones!

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