Amber stone should be of the amber colour. However, this beautiful stone found mainly in the Dominican Republic comes in various colours. Amber stone is not really a stone but a tree resin that has been fossilized. Amber stone is available in a number of colours including yellow, honey, green, and blue. However, blue is the most sought after and in demand colour for it. In fact, the truth is that many people do not even believe that bleu coloured amber is actually available. Here are some facts about it.

Is it truly blue?


​The fact is that the  blue ambers of DRFineJewels are actually blue in colour. However, it is not blue in the sense we might consider it is. The stone happens to change its colour when subjected to different surface backgrounds. When you will look at it in the bright light (natural light preferred) before different surfaces, you will find the difference. Here is the mystery revealed behind the ‘blue’ phenomena. When you keep the amber against a white surface and throw the light at it, the light will pass through amber but will hit the surface. Now the light will get refracted from the white surface. As a result you will see the blue hue. However, when you keep it against the dark or black background, the light will not refract from that surface. Instead, it will refract from the amber itself and its natural colour will be revealed. Amber contains the hydrocarbons which tend to convert the UV light into blue hue. This is why we get to see the popular blue hue of the amber.

The interesting thing is that the blue hue effect is possible only with the amber from the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, if you are buying the amber form any other region, such as Baltic or Indonesia, then you will not be able to see this effect. So, the question is – what exactly is the difference between the two. The difference is that when exposed to the sunlight, the fluorescence in the UV will give the blue hue effect.

Amber Fossil Stone1

Although it is quite an intriguing phenomenon, this type of amber (blue one) is not really very well known by the people. The reason is pretty simple. This type of amber is only found in Dominican Republic and is very rare. While other types of ambers are abundantly found and are cheaply available, this amber is quite expensive.

There are some collectors who know the value of this amber and want to buy to make it the part of their collection. There are some people who want to wear the amber jewellery. Unfortunately, there are some vendors who are selling fake blue coloured amber and are able to pass it off as genuine. If you are planning to buy this amber, make sure you buy it only from a trusted or reputed vendor so that you don’t get duped. Blue coloured amber is rare and expensive and no one can sell it for a cheaper price without incurring loss.

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