Many people wonder where exactly does the green amber come from but have never been able to get the answer. The truth is that this type of amber comes from the marshes. The legend has it that this type of amber actually got deposited in the green marshes and this is the reason why they got the green color. However, it is also true that they were not created because of the marsh type of conditions.

Dominican Clear Green Amber Bead.

Amber has been available in multitude of colors for a very long time. However, even the diverse range of the colors was not enough for those who loved ambers and used it as the jewelry item. Therefore, they needed another colour – the color green. The fact is that there is a type of amber which carries the slightly greenish hue. However, it is extremely rare. There is another type of amber which comes with the air bubbles inside it. This type of amber carries the shade of brown color and sometimes even grey. However, there are certain elements in it which create the illusion of green. This might as well have been derived from the marshes.

Most of the green amber is not natural; especially the one which carries the dark green hue. If you see such amber, you can almost be certain that it contains artificial colors. There are many ways to give the green hue to the natural amber. Usually it is done once the pieces of amber have been cut and already been given the desired shape and size. Once this is done they are subjected to high temperature so that they get the clarity. The high temperature also ensures that it is easy to cut the layer at the surface. This allows to get rid of the darker shade and brings forth the lighter shade. During this process, when the surface layer is being removed, the amber can be colored in green or any other desired color. But other colors are easily available naturally therefore; usually the coloring is in green.


For some people, it is not just enough to get the green hue. They also want the shine and glitter with it. Therefore, a lot of times you will see the effect of saccharification in the green amber which has been caused by unsuccessful attempts of husking. Fortunately, for the manufacturers, the saccharification effect is also in demand (although not as much as husking). This is the reason why you will find many such amber items on the display.

One thing to note is that amber is always natural. It is the green color which is often artificial. The thing is that natural green amber is very rare and some vendors try to pass off the artificially induced green color as natural and that is where customers get duped. To make sure that you don’t get duped, learn a little bit about the ambers and especially about the green ones. Also, it is always best to buy from the trusted vendor so that there are no doubts. For instance, green amber of DRFineJewels are always natural.

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