Amber comes in various colors and looks and is found in huge variety in the market. In the recent times amber has become a very precious and popular stone among the customer. The reason being simple and that is the blue coloration of the amber. Amber stone is normally found in light yellow to orange colors. But there are other varieties of the amber stones that are in high demand and can be found in the market and one such is the blue amber.


Things to know about the blue amber:

Blue amber is popularly known as the Dominican amber and is very popular due to its color. It is unlike the light yellow to orange color amber that is natural and can be found in a huge number in the market. The reason behind the coloration of the amber from the Dominican Republic mines is that when the amber is kept in the white surface and the natural light passes through the same then the color of the amber changes in to blue hue. The color of such an amber stone is light in color and is perfect option for the beautiful jewelry.

But there are certain problems that are associated with this particular kind of amber and that are the originality of the stone. The blue amber that is bought are often found to treated. The best way to identify the blue amber is that they don’t come in complete blue color but when the light passes through this stone when kept in white surface then only the blue coloration of the stone occurs. If you come across such blue amber that already comes in blue color than there are high chances that they are not natural.

This is the reason that it is essential on the part of the individual to get hold of the right company so that the blue amber that they buy is of the optimum quality.


Where to buy the blue amber?

There are several online concerns available that offer such amber from the mines of Dominican Republic to the customers. But there is no guarantee that all these companies will be the best. So, it is better to cater for the best company that is available. One such company is the Dr Fine Jewels-Dominican Amber.

The ambers that this particular company offers to the customers especially the amber from the mines of Dominican Republic are supposedly the best of the lot and of the optimum quality. The company has been carrying on this business for quite some time now and offers wide range of such stones to the customers.

If you want to get hold of the genuine amber from the mines of the Dominican Republic then the above company can come to a great help. You can take the help of the internet and cater to the website of the company and get all the relevant information pertaining to the ambers sold by the company.

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