There are various kinds of amber that are easily available in the market. Amber is a fossilized resin that turns hard with the change in the Earth temperature and after millions of years becomes hard gemstone. Amber can be found in various colors and there is a reason behind each of the ambers being of a different color. Amber can be found in yellow, white, blue, red, orange and even green in color. Though the yellow amber is the most popular of the lot but there are other colors which are equally appreciated take for example the green ones.

Dominican Clear Green Amber Bead.

An overview:

As it is already known the ambers can be found in various color options ranging from the yellow, orange and also in green. All these ambers have one common thing about them and that is they are very famous among the customers all around the world. All these ambers are formed in the natural way and yellow amber is the most popular of the lot. But the green amber which is also known as the Caribbean amber is equally famous due to the subtle color of green that it has. But one that is worth knowing about the amber that comes in green color is that the amber is heat enhanced.  But it should also be noted that the natural amber that comes in green color are very rare in nature and aren’t bright in color and are rather of the lighter shade.

These days it is often seen that the jewelers tend to make the bad use of the amber by applying paste in them and turning in to green color or applying too much heat so that they appear green on color. But this is not the reality and this is the reason that it is important on the part of the individual to make sure that the company that are choosing to buy the same offers the best in such ambers which are green and that they are original.

Dominican AAA Green Amber Beads Bracelet GB5133 (8 to 9.1 mm)

The company to go with:

While searching in the internet you are sure to come across various companies that are known to provide such ambers that are green in color to the customers. All these companies have one common agenda and that is to provide the best to the customers and so that the amber that is green in color be unique and rare. But one company that Dr Fine Jewels-Green Amber follow all these pursuits.

The company has been in this industry for a long period of time and thus they have a reputation to maintain they make sure that the amber that is green in color which they offer is the best in the market. If you too are looking for such green colored amber to gift your near and dear ones then just go to the website of the company and settle for the ones that suits your need perfectly.

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