Buying jewelry involves a lot of dangers because one is likely to be fooled into buying a fake and inexpensive one if one is not careful. The stone is so good looking and adds tons to the personality of the wearer that one simply can’t resist a good offer when one comes across one on the internet.

The ideal test of a piece of jewelry is to dip it into saline water. Authentic and real amber is sure to float on the water, while a fake one is sure to melt with the water.

There are other points, which you should bear in mind when looking up ambers for sale from Drfinejewels. The stone occurs as a transparent stone or it could even be an opaque stone. This means that it could be a see-through one, or one through which you can’t see anything. The color of the stone varies between different shades of the yellow color.


If you find an amber stone with an insect preserved in it, it is likely to be from the Dominican Republic. The stone may boast of a history of 25-40 million years. These are fossils that have preserved the insects like mosquitoes and flies.

The Dominican amber is available in all shades of the yellow color, but it is also found in green and blue color. The worth of any piece of amber jewelry is a measure of the color of the stone and its transparency.

 Red colored ambers are the most precious ones. The intensity of the color of the amber varies between amber stones, and is an indicator of its value. Buyers should always look for amber stones of the desired colors.

Those with fossils inside them always fetch a higher price. Such ambers for sale are usually of Dominican origin. For anyone interested in buying an amber stone, amber with a fossilized insect or plant is a steal!


These are usually insects that dropped into the resin while it was dripping off the tree trunk. Moths and butterflies or even mosquitoes are known to have been fossilized this way.

They serve important points of study for the historian, paleontologist and zoologist.

Ambers can be subjected to a treatment to improve their worth and value. They are usually heated with oil to do so.

 This way, they get to have a better color and become clearer. Almost all the amber stones found in the Baltic are treated this way before they are sold.

Red Baltic Amber gets its typical cherry color only after being heated. Most of the green amber available in the market is subjected to a similar treatment before being sold.

Dominican AAB Yellow Green Amber Stone

All other irregularities of amber stones are filled in by filling in with copal. This is also extracted from resin dripping from trees. Color of ambers is also enhanced by applying certain coatings.

But these coatings are usually not very durable. It is better to apply heat to give a definite color to the stones.

In its raw form, amber stones are hardly ever the shape and size one wants them to be in. So, they can be customized by melting them in furnaces.

Vendors of amber stones usually melt large pieces of the amber stones into the desired shapes and sizes. They are also called ‘pressed amber’.

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