The real color of a Dominican Blue Amber is made clear only when white light is made to pass through the stone while it is kept on a black or a dark surface. Keeping it on a white surface is going to result in all the light passing through the stone and reflecting off the white paper.

The dark background is going to reveal the actual colors of the gem because the light is reflected from the stone, and not the paper, which is black in color. There are hydrocarbons in the amber stone that result in the blue colored light being reflected and the stone appearing to be blue.

The stone is popularly used in the form of beads in necklaces and other ornaments. This is the ideal to make jewelry of all forms.


The stone is identified with Taurus in the Zodiac. The blue stone is believed to be synonymous with peace and tranquility and this is what makes it so popular.

Quite interestingly, this feature is to be seen only in Dominican Blue Ambers of Drfinejewels. This means only the Dominican variety displays a typical blue color. All other verities of ambers do not display the property.

The blue color makes it very good to look at, and so the amber forms an inherent part of the jewelry made in the Dominican Republic. But there are several Dominican citizens who are not aware of it. This is because the gem has found popularity beyond the boundaries of the Dominican Republic.

All this makes it quite a sought after element, and going by the supply-demand relationship, it is quite an expensive one. There is a huge demand for this kind of amber stones, and Mother Nature can’t seem to provide enough gems.


The stone has a hefty price-tag attached to it, and so, online portals selling these stones are the best to look at whenever one is interested in buying them.

But the stone does not give a very attractive look unless it is polished well and properly processed. The raw form of the stone is of no value.

There isn’t much of a difference between an ordinary rock stone and this particular stone unless it is polished. This is why trade in the stone didn’t get a thrust for a long time. It was discovered only 60 or 70 years ago.

A use account on a site selling the stone enables one to avail a lot of promotional offers and discounts on the stone. Payment can be made through debit card or credit card. There are a lot of different websites offering stones of different sorts, and you can always choose the best one that suits you.

The stone is considered to be soft as compared to others of the genre. It has found a number of applications including therapeutic and it also acts as an excellent perfume. It is quite a valuable stone, although its price has varied and differed over the decades. All the same, it is considered to be at par with gold when it comes to being classified as per the cost.