Nowadays, many renowned jewelry designers are making various contemporary designs with different shades of ambers. But these people mostly use blue amber due to its various properties that make it easier to shade them, and it also brings out the look of designs. It makes them appear more beautiful than any other shade of amber. It is easier to cut blue amber into cabochon gemstone and shape them into any attractive shape that can be used on earrings and pendants. Also, the color changing feature of blue amber is manipulated by the designers, and the stones are cut in such a way that the color changes with every angle.

About The Jewelry

Amongst all types of ambers, blue amber is the most preferred choice of any amber lover when it comes to jewelry. This is why you will find thousands of designs of jewelry that are made with amber stones. All these jewelry are priced differently, so no matter what your budget is it can be guaranteed that you will find something that would go with your taste. It is not that hard to locate these pieces of jewelry, and all you have to do is search the internet. You will find hundreds of companies that are selling, beautifully crafted amber jewelry at a reasonable price.

Blue amber

Now the Prices

The price of the amber differs with different size and shape of the amber, so if you want a unique cocktail ring with big amber on it, then it will probably cost you more than the pendant with an amber bead. Not just pendants and rings, you will find a huge variety of the types of jewelry that is made from amber. There are bracelets and anklets too if you want to keep the use of amber minimal and trendy. You will even find huge neckpieces of amber that are gorgeous and will turn even the simplest dress into something special.

Shades of Blue

These neck pieces are made of chunks of amber that have been polished carefully and put together by colored strings and clasps. Just because these neckpieces are made of amber doesn’t necessarily mean that these are all of the same shade. The specialty of the Dominican Blue amber of Drfinejewels is that jewelry of various shades of blue can be made with it. The shade of blue alters with every single gem. This is something that you will not get with any other amber. The hydrocarbons that are present in the amber are the main factor behind the shade of the gem.

Blue amber

Where to Find It

Concentration of such hydrocarbons and other inclusions that are present inside the amber reflect the UV rays, which is reason that every gem has a different shade of blue. So no matter how many amber earrings you own, there is possibly another beautiful shade of blue waiting for you at Drfinejewels. But most people are fond of the lighter shade of blue that is famous for the transparency and authenticity it brings to the look of the jewelry. The bluish hue with a tinge of yellow in light shaded amber will enhance the look of any jewelry design.

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