Amber stones have always been considered mysterious stones and there was a time when these stones were referred to as frozen gold or petrified sunlight. Though they are available in numerous colour combinations, they are mainly yellow in colour. In fact it is this yellow colour which conceals the main mystery of this glorious stone making it fit to be regularly employed in making jewellery and decorative ornaments. They are stunning in its looks and when the UV rays of the sun shines on it, the glow which it gives out is magnificent. This explains the reason why they are fashionable in this modern world in spite of so many options and decorative stones existing in the market. When the appropriate amount of light is exerted upon the, the glow it gives out can generate a more appealing effect than even diamonds.

AAB Dominican Blue Amber Beads Lot

Knowing about amber stones:

So what are these amber stones? Let us find out. Amber was formulated around 60 million years ago. The resins of the trees dipped down to accumulate into puddles. Over numerous years the land was changed into the sea and the weight and pressure of the environmental changes transformed these resins into amber beads or stone like components. Some of the popular colour apart from yellow is orange, blue, green, brown and sometimes even black.

There are many online jewellery stores who are involved in the trade of such amber stones. One of the most common usages of these amber beads is in the making of necklaces. It is a popular choice for ladies all over the world. These necklaces can be worn by ladies of all age groups but it looks best for ladies in their 40s. Due to the thickness and amazing colour combinations, one would instantly find that age is an important criteria here. Usually gold and silver are the components which are used for making such stones as they complement the look and shine of these beads well. These beads apart from being employed for framing necklaces are also used for making earrings, rings, bracelets and a host of other decoration ornaments.

Dominican AAAAA Green Amber Beads Lot with Holes GB5124

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