While choosing a natural gemstone like amber, you need to concentrate on two things i.e. weight and color. There are different types of organic resins available with different colors from most popular yellow to rare black. There is no adequate answer to this question of what the real color or shade is amber. It is because this organic resin comes in various different shades. It is another really fascinating fact regarding this organic gemstone.

There are more than two hundreds of shades and up to seven colors have been identified. Despite of this diversity, there are only five colors that are highly appreciated by natural gemstone enthusiasts. Do you know 5 different colors of amber stone? If no, then keep reading this exclusive blog post.

Yellow Amber      


Yellow color of this natural gemstone is the considered as the most traditional and easily available option. According to market research, up to 70 percent of this organic resin comes loaded with this color. Finding yellow colored amber from drfinejewels is quite easy as it is highly produced. However, with the help of synthetic process, amber can be produced with different colors but they aren’t supposed to beat the beauty of natural option.

Green Amber


Green is another most popular color in terms of choosing amber. Green simply accounts for around two percent of total amber. This color is extremely popular among contemporary fashion and jewelry enthusiasts. There are hundreds of shops available online and offline that offer amber with green color.

Red Amber


It is usually referred to as popular cherry stone. Red colored amber is considered among the most desirable options to go with. There is huge craze regarding red color. It is found that when red colored stone is installed on jewelry with silver or white setting, it simply creates exceptional appearance. Without any doubt, you always love wearing jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklace loaded with a rare colored natural stone.

Blue Amber


Since finding blue colored amber is a hard nut to crack, there is huge demand of this natural gemstone. Blue is considered as the best choice when it comes to matching jewelry with modern outfits. You without any doubt want to adorn jewelry loaded with stones that attracts everyone towards you. Choosing blue colored amber loaded jewelry simply means you are choosing the best option.

Black Amber

When it comes to choosing classic colors, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of black and white colors. It is certainly the rarest color when it comes to choosing precious gemstone with distinct color. However, finding black colored amber is a tough task to accomplish, but still there are a few shops that can help you in this concern.

Choosing black colored amber stone online from drfinejewels has become a swift and hurdle-free process with the implementation of innovative technology. For grabbing desired color of natural gemstone, you just need to find out a right store, and then enter into the massive collection of different types, weights and colors of amber to choose the best ones.