Amber is a primeval tree gum that fossilizes into a comparatively lenient stone. The liquid which oozes out of the tree occasionally traps creature, greeneries and even small animals. It comes in many colors such as pale honey, cognac, green, red, yellow, and the famous blue. Amber stone is quarried in places such as Chiapas Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Lithuania. It is about 70 million years old.


Different types of Amber stone:

The colors of amber range from pale honey, yellow, golden, brown, black, green, red, white and the famous blue. Different web based companies offer Amber stone for sale from DR Fine Jewels in different rates mainly depending on the clarity of the insects seen in the stone. And the prices differ from stone to stone.

Baltic Amber Stone:

This huge quantity of fossil pitch is found on the coastline of the Baltic Sea. It is one of the prehistoric amber available in the market. The biggest Baltic amber mine in the world is found is at Kaliningrad in Russia, also in countries tries like, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and occasionally swabs ashore to distant countries like Denmark, Norway, and also England. The insects include Ambers are rare in nature, making it the popular ones. It is commonly found in separation and usually are small in size, and the amber is typically sealed with botanic remains and froths.

Dominican Amber Stone:

According to Environmental data for amber, from alluvial credits in the Dominican Republic expect an age dating to from 20 to 30 million years old. Dominican amber from Cotuit, though, is Pliocene or Pleistocene, has bigger and more organisms, and is else hazy from older material from the dated alluvial sums. Since mastic creating trees are still plentiful in this humid island are, pitches of any phase are likely. The insect found in the amber stone from Dominican Republic amber are equally abundant, the organisms are bigger, and the amber is of high and clearer than those originated in Baltic amber.


Amber stone for Sale:

Different online entities offer Amber for Sale from Dominican amber to Baltic Amber. The price of such Amber stone varies according to the size, shape and most importantly clarity of the stone. The prices fluctuate even more when Amber stone is infused with insects and different creatures, depending on the clarity of the insect infused stone, more the clarity more is the price.

Different type of jewelries is made of Dominican blue amber stone, yellow, brown, green stones and other colors. Such companies design graces and produce the jewelry out of these stones. There are two types of Blue Amber stones provided like, AAB and AAA Amber Blue Stone.

It should be kept in mind that you buy amber stones from a reliable and certified source as there is a chance of fake stones in the market.