Many people have said that the amber stones in green color are found in the small Caribbean islands and that is why they are often known as Green Caribbean Amber. However, since such forms of amber are quite rare, therefore suppliers prefer to remain silent about their whereabouts. Its a trade secret, one can assume. At the markets, one finds a pale green type among various other types.
Where Green Amber can be found?

Among the other states from where one can obtain such products, include the islands of Dominica. It is from this place that amber is mined and exported. Export agencies, which export these items to ensure that they can satisfy the requirements of the customers who want to use these products.

The Caribbean Amber is characterized by old, natural and green looks. Such looks are primarily due to augmented temperature and pressure conditions. The Colombian Amber is also known as the young amber is quite popular among users.

Variants of Green colored Amber

Among the other Green Amber are the enhanced and colored Baltic Amber that looks similar to this type of amber are the enhanced and colored Baltic Amber that looks similar to this type of amber in many respects. These are characterized by the presence of scales. The e-commerce websites selling these items displays a variety of Amber types and interested buyers need to go through them and choose their favorite item before adding the same to the shopping cart. These are then purchased by making online payments via integrated payment gateway attached to the website. The process of purchasing these items is very lucid and involves less hassle.

Rare Amber types

Besides Green Amber, there is present other colored amber types like black, brown, purple, teal, blue and honey colored. The existence of such amber has been known since ancient times. There are mines located in the islands of Dominica. However, owing to lack of publicity people hardly know about them. As compared to its Baltic counterpart, the Dominican Amber is very much rare. Because of its rarity, it is not used as a jewellery item in the markets. However, there are other types of the ambers, which can be used as jewellery items. One common feature that all amber items share is that they are electrostatic in nature and because of their being so they are used as effective healing agents.

Among the different versions of the rare variety of Dominican Amber that are found in recent times, the translucent type, opaque green, bluish green, green with black stripes, olive green, smoky green types are very much common.

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