The blue amber is a rare one and its existence can be witnessed in the mountainous regions of Santiago, and most parts of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican blue amber owes its color because of refraction from the surface on which it is placed. A white surface refracts light when it passes through the amber and then the bluish tinge appears. On the contrary, a black surface absorbs light and therefore the amber gives its natural light.

DSC_0016-2-400x320Therefore, specimens of Dominican amber, Mexican ambers and some types from Indonesia exhibit this type of chromatic effect. Baltic Amber on the other hand does not display such phenomenon. There are other theories that have been suggested regarding the existence of the Dominican blue Amber. It is said that the existence of ingredients like anthracite primarily because of incomplete combustion of organic substance millions of years ago, lend the bluish tinge to the substance.

Such type of substance is mostly used to make ornaments and therefore it can be said that it very effectively augments the beauty of the woman wearing it. Other than this, such substance is known to possess healing properties that contribute adequately to better health. Blue amber silver jewelry is the most sought after jewelry items that are used in contemporary times. It is understood that the best stores have the objective to furnish the finest materials in terms of design, art and elegance to the customers.

Dominican blue amber of DR Fine Jewels is available in various colors. Apart from the color blue, users can obtain the amber in shades of yellow, red and green. The blue amber is popular among users as it is naturally created. However, there are amber stones that can be prepared artificially using techniques that enhances its appearance. When it comes to using these items in silver jewelry, it can be said that the stones are cut appropriately and the process is done in such a skilled fashion that there occurs an enhancement of its natural beauty.

DSC_0040-2-400x320Most jewelry stores claim to treat each stone carefully, especially during the polishing and cutting process. After the cutting of the stone is accomplished, the jewelry is designed around the stone. In this manner, unique designs can be created to satiate a wide range of customers. In this age of the web, interested customers can easily procure these beautiful accessories, online using an e-Commerce website from their drawing room.