Gem which glows like honey or sun drops. It is a kind of resin capsule from prehistoric time of life on our planet; say about 25 to 50 million years old. Amber is concentrated in two regions Baltic of Eastern Europe and Dominican Republic. Here, amber obtained from Dominican is named as Dominican amber. Hymenaea protera is an extinct species and this is the source for this type of amber. This amber is different from Baltic amber as it is nearly transparent and it has higher number of fossil inclusions.


There is different colour of this Dominican amber from DR Fine Jewels, which varies from yellow to dark brown to almost black colour. There are some rare colours also like green and blue green colour, which very rarely found. The colour of gem denotes the area from where it is originated. Colour can also depict its age.


Facts and Features:

Amber is soft, approx 2 to 3 Mohs on hardness scale. So need to handle with care should be stored separately or protected from other jewellery to avoid scratches. Avoid sun light for long-time and avoid perfumes and hairspray can damage amber so put these first and then put on your amber jewellery. For cleaning, tiny drop olive oil is recommended avoid use of jewellery dip and boiling water that can damage your amber.


Plays Significant Role to Bring Good Luck:

Amber has many mystical properties, as they could bring good luck. Since, it is magnetic and sensual in nature; hence, it remains eternal with time. In addition, you could use this type of stone to balance your mind. It help human to balance their emotional calming and centring. As it convert all the negative energy into positive energy. This gem stone help to release stress.


Healing Nature:

Ancient time amber is used for healing. Yellow amber is called to be aid for nervous system, immune system and for digestive system. It is also considered to help arthritis and varicose vein though there is no scientific evidence. Dominican amber is connected to sun so considered for life, love and luck. It is warm to touch it can produce static electricity when it is rubbed hence called magical stone.

Uses :

In 4000-1900 BC the Neolithic man stated using amber as decorative articles and in jewels. Since then, rich men started buying jewelleries made by this gem. Thus, Dominican type of amber is available in jewellery set of silver, gold and ring bracelets. It adds attraction to jewellery, as this is something that is about 50 million years old.