Amber is a well-known name for the fossilized resin, which contains the insects into it. The scientists have named it fossil resin but people generally call it as Amber. The Amber Fossil also having the golden color that the human eye sees, but the Amber is reflects many lights at many frequencies such as red, green and blue that which reveals the color spectrum. The research in Archeology had revealed that the Amber is one if those things those prehistoric humans used for decoration and wore as jewelry but it also considered as gemstone.

The Amber is also popular because of its botanical nature and the insects are trapped inside with the muggy organic resin. Sometime it is possible that other life organism also trapped inside and helps to raise fungi, which adds beauty and add more value to the jewel.

The living organism includes the invertebrates such as lizards, insects, scorpion and the resin kept them fresh forever. It is a stone, which is found on mountains and such as mines. It isn’t a tree sap, but a fossilized resin, which is a semi-solid element in the pockets of canal through the plant.

Therefore, the Amber is made up of a long process of fossilization and after a million of years, we can see the changes. There is no specific time, but most of the timeSpecial Amber Fossil from drfinejewels is found in Sedimentary rocks, which is recognized to be 30 to 90 million years old. In addition, there is not any specific tree responsible for converting the resin into amber.