Being trendy and unique is today’s fashion. Amber jewellery is one such jewellery, which is in fashion always and never gets fade. The millions of years of efforts into the geological evolution lead to the results of amber fossils, which are nature’s great treasure. Amber fossils are one of nature’s great treasures.

AmberWhere the fossil preserves all the kinds of organism in it from microbes, to plants and insects, its most fascinating aspects includes the inclusions found in it. The beauty of these stones are such that the insects and plant particles look like they entered in these stones just yesterday, even if they are 100 million years old. Who would think that some sediment trapped in dripping tree resin would one day go on to become such a fine and beautiful remnant of the past.

 Now a day, the amber fossil sets with insects inserted inside are also available in real gold and silver, which are authentic enough, provided with certificate of authenticity. This jewellery is in demand these days making difference from the common ones in the market and holds the value of the precious gemstone along with little tinch of uniqueness with the inclusion of plants or insects. A time capsule, if you may. But then, Mother Nature does move in very beautiful and exquisite ways.

 If you are flora fauna lover, then you must choose the stone, whichsuits you the best by choosing plant or insect inserted into it and flaunt your beauty within. Choosing Amber with insect jewelry from DR Fine Jewelsis also a good choice. It is a must to choose the right stone meant by you because their side effect, otherwise, can be dangerous on your health too. Millions of years of geological evolution, coupled with Mother Nature’s mysterious ways result in very such amber fossils.