Amber is such a beauty of nature which is not only valuable because of its face value. This stone is such which presents a glimpse of a time gone by. The fossilized insects in amber are truly a matter of great excitement. Also, it is a unique aspect which can be provided only by amber. There are various forms of amber that can be found. One of the largest suppliers of amber is Dominic Republic. They provide the world with high quality amber which is also immensely valuable.


The various types

The main difference between the amber lies in their clarity and color. There are mainly four colors that can be found of this stone. The colors are amber, honey-color, yellow and blue. The blue Dominican amber from drfinejewels.comis one of the most famous stones which are used worldwide. Other than these, in some places the amber can also be found in the colors of green and red. The real amber is a true beauty to the eyes and they are used for a wide range of purposes.

The uses of the amber

It is no doubt that the basic use of the amber is found in the jewelry industry. People love to wear the fossilized amber jewelry, which makes them create a fashion statement. Also, the stones like the blue amber produce a magnificent glow when presented under fluorescent light. The Dominican amber is also used for the purpose of creating the medicines.