Larimar stones are rare varieties of pectolite found in the Dominican Republic. They are also called as Stefilia’s Stone. DR Fine Jewels are the proud owners of the biggest amber gallery in the country. They are one of the biggest wholesale companies in the Dominican Republic that deal with not only amber but larimar stones as well in wholesale rates. They have been into this business from 7 years and have become the top dealers because of the quality and service they provide to the customers.

DR Fine jewels has a variety of ornamental designs that are known for their value and quality. The color of larimar stones varies from white, light blue, green blue to deep blue. DR Fine jewels has a variety of products in the Larimar stone range. They have Larimar stone slabs in different sizes and weights.

DR Fine jewels have become one of the best dealers and trustworthy dealers In Larimar stone business. Larimar stones were explored in the Dominican Republic in 1916. Since then this has been accounted for in the precious stone category. DR Fine jewels deal with natural larimar stones that has the unique volcanic blue coloration. This is because of the copper that is substituted in place of Imagecalcium.

The jewellery made of larimar stones is very famous in the Dominican Republic. DR Fine jewels are known to make exquisite jewellery made of larimar stones embedded in sterling silver. They also have high grade larimars that can be made into gold jewellery depending on the customer’s choice. Generally it is seen that if the larimar stone is exposed to light and heat it fades, but the quality that DR Fine jewels give is of the highest grade and has the natural blue color look throughout and this makes their larimar stones the best in the world.