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Amber stone is regarded as one of the finest stone in the world which is being used in different areas for like medical use apart from jewelry. It is a fossilized stone that requires millions of year to solidify. Tree resins become fine and beautiful with respect to their geological revolution and become perfect in look. These stones are available in three colors as blue amber, green amber, and yellow amber stones. This stone is regarded as one of the rarest stone which is available only in the Dominican Republic and in some parts of Mexico.
Amber with insects
At first in the United States and the United Kingdom people use to wear amber jewelry but as of now, these stones are popular in most of the countries of the world. As this stone is not easily available so a company namely DR Fine Jewels use to extract the raw Amber stone from the mines and then use to modify and sized them. Not only they manufacture the stones but also export the items across the globe.
Amber with insects
The price of the amber stone is depended upon its size and weight so you can opt as per your pocket. During fossilization, if some insects get attached with resins they also get fossilized and create a permanent mark on an amber stone. Sometimes these marks look so attractive which makes people opt for Amber with insects in DR Fine Jewels. On the site of this company, you will find all sort of designer jewelry made of amber stones as well as stones too.