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Amber stone is regarded as one of the finest stone in the world which is being used in different areas for like medical use apart from jewelry. It is a fossilized stone that requires millions of year to solidify. Tree resins become fine and beautiful with respect to their geological revolution and become perfect in look. These stones are available in three colors as blue amber, green amber, and yellow amber stones. This stone is regarded as one of the rarest stone which is available only in the Dominican Republic and in some parts of Mexico.
Dominican blue amber beads


Common Amber itself has several uses as also being ornamental. Some may shock you. Others may only freak you out. There are always ups and downs seen in the price of the Amber over the years, mainly because of current developments in fraud amber. But it is even now valued in the range of gold. People even now go thousands of miles in search of the gem; it may be to the Baltic, the Dominican Republic or some trade exhibition in Tucson.
The majority of people use Dominican Amber as ornaments, while the more precious coloration and enclosures become collector’s pieces. Most of Blue Amber, for example, has become priced exhibition pieces both in public and private collections all over the world. Blue Amber has been well designed into artistic carvings in sculptures of Japan and Hong Kong. Of course; others used Blue Amber for making rings, necklaces, and brooches which can be worn in discos and clubs for its beautiful features of fluorescence under lights.
Dominican blue amber beads

Amber is intended to be amber color naturally, right? Wrong. Amber comes with natural colors like orange, yellow, cognac, honey or the kind. But there is also a cherry, cream, green, red and even blue as the uncommon of all. Many people are still not aware of the existence of AAA Blue Amber stone. Dominican blue amber looks blue, but not in the manner you might be thinking of. When light hits Blue Amber on a white background, the light particles pass through it, and then light refracts off the white surface that results in Blue Amber is of slight blue hue. This beautiful effect can be found only with Dominican Republic AAA Blue Amber category. Any other Amber will not come out with such kind of effect. So, DR fine jewels are one place where you can find this unique piece of Dr fine jewels AAA blue amber stone with leaf and flower inclusion in it.