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Blue amber is not blue and yet it is not. Confused? We know that this is the result of fluorescence and have no solid color. Violet and Ultra-violet lights are re-emitted due to the presence of aromatic molecules of the poly nuclear present in there.
When we put blue amber in the ultra-violet lamp, due to this intensity the color changes to cobalt-blue. So here is the conclusion that when the light shines on the blue amber then it appears as in blue color but when light shines through it then it will not become visible as blue.
Blue amber


The distinction between them can easily be identified through this simple example. When the amber is placed on the white surface then the light particles will pass and refracted by the background surface color white. In result, it will only look like any other amber in the world with some light blue hue.
But on the other hand, if there is black background there for those, then the light particles will not refract from the surface which is in black color. So in this case, the amber refracts and due to the presence of hydrocarbons in that, they will twirl the ultraviolet sun light into a blue.
Blue amber
In some case, if there is some inclusion in the particular piece of DR Fine Jewels – Dominican blue amber then they will have the same result as that of the black background. So, in this case, the appearance of it will become more visible and darker in the blue color.