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From ancient times, the fossil, which has been appreciated, is the Amber. It is the unique and much-valued gemstone. Over the times, it has changed a lot from antiquity to the present time decorative objects. It used as ingredients in jewelry, perfumes and fold medicine; indeed also the most populous materials. The price of amber is set as per its origination. Moreover, to the sources, this gemstone is found in a sea in the form of fossils.
Amber fossil


These resins are hard enough and are formerly collected from Baltic Sea region like Poland and Lithuania from the Dominican Republic of Caribbean Sea.  There are many colors available in the category of amber fossil mostly the orange and blue.Amber Fossil is mostly found in the beneath of the Caribbean Sea of the Dominican. In addition, it is formed from the fossils of the trees and animal trapped beneath the soil.
It is true! People have a lot of fantasy towards the jewelry and it’s good. To be one among those people requires the latest collection of different stones, pearls, and gems.  Rings, bracelets and other ornaments use this amber stone as a material for these accessories.   With the time, more and more people want to look distinct in the society; and jewelry helps it to achieve this.
Amber fossil
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