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Dominican Amber is a rare form of amber from the direct Dominican Amber Republic. It derives primarily from the resin of Hymenaea Protea, an extinct species. This species accounts for the majority of all amber in this region of the world.   Some confuse this type of amber for Baltic amber. However, the two are quite distinct from one another. For example, Dominican amber is usually transparent, while Baltic amber had a more opaque appearance. Some amber from the Dominican Republic is as old as 40 million years old, and the hardest form of amber resides in a region known as the Santiago Mountains.
Blue amber


The mining process for amber happens to be incredibly dangerous and potentially harmful. Typically, a risky method, known as bell putting is used. There are no safety measures for those who engage in this mining method. In these mining pits, it is extremely humid, and there is no light without the use of candles.
This amber can exist in colors such as  green and blue in DRfinejewels store.   More and more people are expressing an interest in this form of amber, and it is a preferable selection than Baltic amber for several reasons. Because it is transparent, but can truly mimic the appearance of a gem, and it is often categorized as such. This transparent fossil looks far more appealing on jewelry than its opaque alternatives.
Green amber
This has sparked an interest in pale biology and sheds light on the extensive background of the history of the planet. Not only is this a great collector’s item, but it makes beautiful jewelry, as well.