Amber is one of the famous stones in not only Europe but now it is becoming popular in most of the countries. The main region where amber stones are found is Domician Republic and some parts of Mexico. In these days demand of jewelleries such as necklaces, ear rings, pendants made of Amber stone are no a high. These Amber stones are natural stone those are formed due to the fossilization of tree resins. So these sorts of stones need millions of years to form; and the glory of these stones is marvellous. When a light ray falls on these stones the reflection of light rays is just to watch. There are three sorts of amber stones as like green yellow and blue amber stones.

But before few years these amber stones were out of reach of most of the people due to lack of proper dealer. A company namely DR fine jewels came forward and they use to collect these amber stones directly from the mines after that they use to give proper shape to these stones and sells through their company website. The blue colour is found of several types as one is royal blue, followed by Caribbean blue, turquoise blue, green, red-green as well as golden yellow. This company polishes these stones and gives them a proper shape before offering them to customers. So if you are in search for the best quality of amber stones then just opt for Dominican ambers those are glorious and will increase the attraction towards the person who is wearing such stones.