Now own your very own piece of beautiful blue Carribean Sky only at DR Fine Jewels. Amber stone is as beautiful as that. The natures beautiful wonder Amber stones are only found in the mines of Dominican Republic. They are brilliant in color with the gorgeous glowing look and very much adorable for its simple but attractive outlook. DR Fine jewels present you the finest collection of amber stones with a top class quality and integrity assured. The beauty is just mind-blowing and steals your heart so much that you can’t help admiring it. The amber stones are mainly Blue in color though you can find lots of other types like Turkish blue, greenish blue, a combination of red blue, combination of green and red, and golden amber stones. One unique feature of these amber stones is that the beauty of each piece is authentic. You cannot find ever a completely same look alike amber stone piece, so they are exclusive by the choice of nature and so is your choice, you always admired to be unique. So, why not gift yourself or your loved ones with our new collection of fashion jewelry using amber stones?

Amber stones

Some rare amber stones are easily available at $ 310 too and some are a little expensive but not more than your likes and dislikes. Just made of amber fossil these stones have a glamor which beats any other stones by its natural beauty. Among these amber stones, yellow amber and blue amber is visible most and the other green amber is rare to find. But Drfine jewels offer all sort of amber stones which can make a person more attractive if one wears these stones.